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FN-BMW 319/45 1935
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Partytime, but in what car?

Partytime, but in what car?
Well, that does look like quite a party they are having there. The reason why they are having a drink is not known to us. It might be that they just caught some smugglers who were trying to sell their stuff from Jamaica. Or maybe one of them is getting maried. Or maybe they didn't have a reason and just had fun.
Well, we sure hope they only use the car as a place to sit on, as they do in the photo and won't drive after drinking. Otherwise, it will probably not end well. And we will never hear anything from them and the car. We even still don't know the name of this 'couch'. Do you?

What we know about the photo is only the location; taken in the Matopos Hills, near Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia (now Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe).

Can you tell us what car it is or if you have an idea why they are having a drink, please share it with us.

Photo sent in by Peter Huson, keeper of the archives of the British South African Police.

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The Belsize works... last words

The Belsize works... last words

Earlier we published about quiz #443. Last week we also gave the answer to the quiz. The car we were looking for was a 1920 Belsize Fifteen. The fun thing about these quizzes is, that our loyal readers are always willing to share....

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A truly sad end to our wonderful tour down under

A truly sad end to our wonderful tour down under
Some very unfortunate news came to our ears. A very original Bugatti Type 30 has been stolen in the States, just after its return from a tour in Australia. As our website has visitors from all over the world, we hope someone knows more about this car (or maybe where the parts went). Leave your comment and we will forward it to the owner.

"Almost immediately after its arrival back in the U.S. from Australia, on the night of May 12-13th my Type 30 (known as “Adelaide”; Chassis 4503; engine 4384) was stolen in a locked and secured trailer parked in the lot of the Phill Reilly Restorations shop, 5842 paradise Drive, Corte Madera CA.

Officials from several Marin County police units and the Hagerty Insurance crime specialist are already investigating the theft, which we believe might have originated at the dock when the car was unloaded from its container on Friday. Very few other people would have been aware of its return to the States."

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What is it? Quiz #445


This week's Quiz-Car is a nice small Torpedo. It had a 10CV-4-Cylinder engine and was built in Europe. The two founders of the company came from Spain, but the cars were built in another country between 1919 and 1924. At least two cars of this brand still exist. One of them is a nowadays gaudy red and yellow painted single-seater-cyclecar, that was even honoured on a stamp in Andorra. I think, this is enough information, isn´t it? At least the name of the brand, the town of the company's headquarter and the town, the cars were produced should be a part of your answer. And of course all information about the car and the company is welcome.

Post your answer BEFORE Monday, April 24th 2017 and use no more than 100 words. Next week we will publish the answer and you might be the winner!


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