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Did you ever have the taste of Zandvoort?

vintage revival_zandvoort-2_470

The Zandvoort circuit is one of those great names in racing. No longer known for Formula 1 racing - Holland is just too small to cough up Mr. Ecclestone's charges - but it still is a fabulous sea side track. One you must have experienced in order to tell your grandchildren. A great opportunity will be the coming Zandvoort Vintage Revival as organised by the DVSCC (see 2014 photos) . There is a special price for late entries through PreWarCar of 250 euros instead of 300 (go here and mark the entry form with 250/ This 50 euros is just what you need in terms of petrol to create some rounds of good show at the circuit. At the tail of the international competitors list two German teams have added themselves. Be sure to join in and add your name as well. Get the flavor of castor oil mixed with dune sand by checking the video

(Pictures courtesy of DVSCC)

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'Beaulieu' will never be the same without Lord Montagu

lord montagu_beaulieu_300Editor: We all knew this day was coming nearer. Still many of us may have had the unconscious notion that Lord Montagu was immortal. And in a way he is, as his memory will always be connected with the Beaulieu Museum and the Autojumble for which many are preparing these days. The news took us as a complete surprise when it came in this morning from Michael Ware who knew and worked with him for nearly four decades: 

"With his death on Monday 31st August the world of the heritage and historic vehicle preservation has lost a mighty champion. He was 89 and had been suffering indifferent health for some time. Problems with his legs had resulted him using a mobility vehicle for journeys around the grounds of Palace House and into the rally fields to view events such as the annual Auto jumbles. Latterly he had to use a wheel chair, but this did not stop him travelling to his London Flat each week and attending the House of Lords.

Lord Montagu’s father introduced the ...

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ex army Monday Mystery (UPDATE: 1937/39 Wanderer W23 by Gläser or Mercedes 230?)

mystery car_not_a_chrysler-1-470

Bruno Costers: "Someone sent me this picture, assuming this is a 1937 Chrysler with Tüscher body, like the one I have. Though there are similarities, the details do not match, so I don't think it is a Chrysler. In my opinion it can't be an Opel also, because I believe they already used OHV engines at that time. Anybody?"

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A memorable murder many-many years ago

Leyland Tourer

Eddie Bourke writes: "Here a photo from August 1922 and some photos taken August 22, 2015 on the 93rd anniversary of the assignation of General Michael Collins Comander in Chief of the Irish Defence Forces. This 1920 Rolls Royce Armoured Car named Sliab-na-mBan was in convoy with Collins traveling in the back of the Leyland 8 photographed shortly before he was shot. The Sliab-na-mBan is still in service with the Irish Army today."  Here's more about The Final Journey.

editor: we know what happened with the general. We also know that Sliab-na-mBan survived. But what happened with the Leyland? What happened to this incredible car? 

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