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Have you ever seen a more artful radiator mascot?
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Travel with us at the eleven city tour

Last weekend, we drove the 'Elfstedenrally'. A tour of 250 km's through the lovely country side of Fryslan, part of The Netherlands. The tour is based on the famous skating race in the winter, where you pass 11 iconic cities.

We had a great time. What did you do last weekend? Please share it with us!

Movie made by Jules Verne Experience

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Monday Mystery a non-Voisin Boattail

Mystery Non-Voisin

Mystery Boattail

Recently I found a very nice photo, which was specified as a “Voisin”-picture. On the very first view, you might think, that the photo shows a kind of homemade one-off Voisin, but I´m sure that it isn´t.

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Have you ever seen a more artful radiator mascot?

Have you ever seen a more artful radiator mascot?Have you ever seen a more artful radiator mascot?
It is not just artful but at the same time the 3D version of the company logo of the Russian automotive company „Russo Baltique“

Last month we had a quiz about this car and we believed it is very interesting to know a bit more about this brand;
Russo-Baltique was founded as the automotive department of the Russian-Baltik Waggon factory
in 1907 in Riga/Latvia (which was part of the Russian empire) as the Russian czar wanted, because of strategic reasons,
that Russia should have his own car production.
The Russian-Baltik waggon factory acquired a licence for building cars from their main.... Read more



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About What is it Quiz #445: Soriano-Pedroso

About What is it Quiz #445: Soriano-Pedroso
Many correct answers for a not really easy quiz! Congratulations, I didn´t expect that, as I only know the one picture of the car, we searched for. I found it in an old car-book, I bought in Paris at one of the "Bouquinistes" at the Seine last year. The car is of course the 1920/21 Soriano-Pedroso Torpedo Sport. We have eight correct answers: Craig Little and Bruno recognized the car and their answers are very "similar". Fedor, Alan Spencer, Jaap ter Linden and Fabien Houdayer also knew the brand. Jorge sent two very interesting links. A very good answer came from Jury-member Ace Zenek:

"Soriano-Pedroso, also shown as Soriano-de Pedroso, made by Ricardo Soriano Scholtz von Hermensdorff and José Luís de Pedroso y Berghmans which were first made in Biarritz and later in Neuilly, France. The Autocar of 14 Feb 1920 stated 4 cylinder 8.9 hp of 60 X 100 mm (1131 cc), 3 speed multi-disk clutch, front semi and rear quarter elliptic springs. Advertisements by Zenith stated they used Zenith carburetors. A 1903 Panhard owned by Soriano for over70 years still exists, and Soriano was a founder and vice-president of the Real [Royal] Automobile Club of Spain."

But the winner of this week's quiz is Craig Little, because he mentioned the unusual radiator, I´ve yet only seen at this special car. He writes:
"I have been fascinated by this make for ages and have little doubt despite the less than usual radiator shell that it is as follows:-
The Soriano-Pedroso was a French automobile manufactured in Biarritz from 1919 until 1924. Built by two Spaniards the Marques de San Carlos de Pedroso and the Marques de Ivanrey Ricardo Soriano Sholtz von Hermensdorff, the original models were Ballot-engined 1131 cc and 1590 cc cars. The men next built a 902 cc Ruby-engined cyclecar, and designed the prototype for a straight-eight; their main product, however, was marine engines."

Congratulations Craig!

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