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PATAN in Lekkerkerk
Hi can anyone identify this car please? (update: Calcott or Standard?)




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Mystery Firetruck in Kathmandu, Nepal (Upd.: Morros Commercial, or Fiat?)

Mystery firetruck-300
Christopher Haas stumbled over a seemingly deserted firestation at the Durbar square in Katmandu. It almost looks like an official firestation with the hoses packed on the side left and right. Yet we can assure you that Kathmandu has modern firetrucks as well. Next question of course is what machinery we're looking at.  The big Dennis on the left is a Big Four? Or a G-type? The car on the right is a bit harder to ID. The radiator at least looks like Fiat 514-ish. But we're sure that you may come up with better suggestions.

(photos Mystery firetruck_dennis-800Christopher Haas)
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Cars you wouldn't expect at the ACD Museum

1913 IMP-470
ACD museum_showroom-800What kind of cars would you expect to find in the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum? Right...! A line up of dozens of A, C & D automobiles. But Catherinus van Zwol who recently visited the museum took the trouble sending a few unexpected cars. Cars like a 1913 IMP V-twin cyclecar, that was built in...  - you either know or will never guess - in Auburn as well!  But even more unexpected is the super rare 1911 Metallurgique, built in Belgium. The odd wheel geometry is an effect of the wide angle Iphone camera, not to bizarre Belgian engineering. When you are travelling this summer keep your eyes and camera at hand. And tell us about the automotive surprises that you find. 1911 metallurgique-800
Rolls-800 let us know!

Update: Bruno Costers sends this very nice series of photos he made at the same museum. Worth to spend some tiem on!  
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What is it? Quiz #421

Quiz Egypt-470
Literally a rara avis in this part of the world the mystery car must have felt itself at home in Egypt, a country which consists for the major part of desert. The make established its fame in one of these gruesome rallies crossing several of these and much more. In this case it is easy to tell too much, if we haven't done so already … So tell us make, year and model and all other details you dig up during your search in just 100 words or better less. Be sure to send in before Monday, May 30th in order to have a chance to win the infamous PreWarCar T-shirt. Even better to check the Rules under 'Read more' first. Enjoy your weekend!

(source of photo to be revealed next saturday in conjunction with results)
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Pamela and the 21st birthday present.

Pamela and the 21st birthday present.

We recently shared with you news of a 1932 Alfa Romeo 8c which had been given as a 21st birthday present to a lucky young man who kept it for 70 years.   Today's picture shows ex-Scuderia Ferrari 1931 Alfa Romeo  #2111044 with Zagato Spider bodywork on a Monza chassis and 8c 2.3 supercharged engine.  
The reason we referred to the other Alfa will become clear,  but first we must introduce you to Pamela who agreed to be the model for photographer Roger McDonald who won a competition with the pictures he took that day of car and lady.  Her natural beauty complements the car on that spring day somewhere in England - perhaps the home of the then-owner Michael Crowley-Milling who owned the car from his 21st birthday in 1938  until he sold it 70 years later just before he died.
If your computer has a touchscreen then it is thanks to scientific genius Crowley-Milling who helped invent it.

Text Robin Batchelor, pictures courtesy Roger McDonald.

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