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What is it? Quiz #382

what is_it_quiz_382_470

A fine two seater cycle car roadster. It looks lie many of its contemporaries, but be careful!  Most of those had just like this one a 1000 cc four cylinder engine; yet not in alloy like this one had.  We understand the car came in various appearances, this being the most sporty body.  Too bad they made so few and died off years before 1930.

Over to you. Tell us all about the exact car depicted, but limit yourself to the max of 100 words. We want the name and model designation of the car with any - trivial - extra information being valued highly. But before writing down your response, be sure to read the Rules under Read More and start looking, looking, looking. This may be your chance to win the coveted PreWarCar T-shirt. Results will be published next Saturday, November 8.

(source of photo to be disclosed next week Saturday, together with results)

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Jack o' Lantern and Witches

Jack o Lantern and Witches.

The annual habit of carving a grotesque face into a pumpkin dates back to long before our cars were made, and commonly believed to be an ancient Irish custom where they also carved turnips and was named after the phenomenon of a strange light flickering over peat bogs, called will-o’-the-wisp’or jack-o'-lantern . Those of you who, like me, were brought up on Eagle comic will remember the character Jack O’ Lantern – a lad called Jack Yorke whose adventures in Napoleonic England gripped the boys of Britain every week. True afficionados in Britain know that Jack O' Lantern has a strong car connection as well.

The flickering pumpkins you’ll see tonight however will herald a night of superstition where we are led to fear ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night. But most of the posters and post cards from the past tell us there's nothing to be afraid of, so whether you encounter witches or goblins, HAVE FUN!

(Text Robin Batchelor)

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1920 Bugatti kit of parts SOLD to UK (Oct 31, 2014)

app. 1 month

C. Teisen
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Looking for new facts about the Schlumpf brothers

schlumpf bothers_470

At the moment Arnoud and Ard op de Weegh are working on a new book about the Schlumpf Affair. "This book will tell the whole truth about the affair and will display many new photo's that never have been shown before. We're also the writers of 'The Fate of The Sleeping Beauties', the book that tells the truth about the Dovaz collection (Sleeping Beauty collection) that was photographed in the early 80's bij Herbert Hesselmann. We have a lot of information yet (for example: the fact that some people have tried to buy the collection from Fritz Schlumpf to keep the factory going. And Fritz agreed, but the deal could never be made... etc. etc.), but if you have any new facts about this collection or documents or photo's that could make this book better, please let us know! Don't hesitate to contact us!

Arnoud op de Weegh & Ard op de Weegh

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