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The Codfish Car Mystery

The Codfish Car Mystery

This beautiful photo shows off a happy event: The inauguration of a cannery dedicated to the Codfish elaboration. It was located in the beautiful atlantic island of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), but we haven´t got more details apart from the name of the company, clearly visible in the front facade. Due to the period clothings, the shape of the building and specially the car in the right corner we could think of an early 1910s image. The car is another mystery itself, even with a close-up view (photo 2). It has no headlights or windscreen, and the radiator has a circle in its front top with which appears to be a large  "R"; to us its general lines seems similar to some british vehicles, some sort of an undersized Daimler. The five spoked steering wheel and the small size -perhaps comparable to a cyclecar- are another two important clues, but ... could anyone help to identify this car?
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What is it? Quiz #400

quiz 400 chassis

Here we have a chassis produced by its makers for the 1909 season to meet the expected demand for a high-class reasonably priced car of medium horse-power. The company used to make a car of another name from 1904 to 1906 and then concentrated on their own range of models from 1906 to 1915. Based in England they had a very good engineering name and you will perhaps tell us what other aspects of transport they were connected with?
Some of you may have guessed by now, but if you need a clue, here's a picture of the front of the car and perhaps a picture from the rear will help you? And positively the last clue is of a whole car, presented to the Bishop of the maker's town by his personal friends and in thanking them, his Lordship " asserted that no more valuable or useful present could have been given to him."

Please give us any relevant information you may have on this particular car. Starting with Make and Type. Plus whatever you can come up with, that is to say within 100 words. Please post your answer in the comment box below (please do not email) and be sure to read The Rules under Read More. This may be your chance to win the infamous PreWarCar T-shirt and wear with pride at this season's events! Results will be published next Saturday, August 8.

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Ivy and Jack

Ivy and Jack

We suspect this is a 'staged' photograph because Ivy understood the value of publicity to help with her love of motor racing - she is of course Ivy Cummings. The picture shows her with a 1925 Singer but a 1916 copy of Lightcar & Cyclecar magazine  printed a story about her entitled  'A plucky young lady driver. Her first drive round Brooklands age 11½.' where we learn the first Light Car she drove was a 'Cummikar'.  "... I have had the speedometer round to 50 mph many times on the track..."  You are forgiven if you have never heard of it - neither had we. It was a French Ronteix sold in UK as Cummikar.

In 1916, when Ivy was 15, her father gave her a Baby Peugeot  and she writes, " I drive it all over the place. Sometimes I take out a wounded soldier, my mother or my grandmother. They all tell me they feel safe with me" .  Her talent for driving is impressive and you can read here how she raced such cars as a 1912 Coupe de L'Auto Vauxhall, a 3 litre Sunbeam (see video), an Akala-engined GN/Frazer Nash and the famous 5 litre chain drive Bugatti 'Black Bess'. She married in 1925, insisting she drove the Frazer Nash from the wedding.

(Text and pictures Robin Batchelor)

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Australian Austin barnfind

Australian Austin barnfind

Ross Nerdal from Canberra (Australia) writes: "The capital of Australia is Canberra, being only one hundred years old it is not renowned for its barns but there are some to be found. Jack Palmer bought a 1927 Austin 12hp tourer in 1965. He was going to restore it. It was low mileage and running well. Into the shed it went and stayed. 50 years later it has been sold to me and we dragged it out for a second life. It needed four spare wheels and a lot of manpower to extract it from its tomb, it was surrounded by decades of collecting. Thick with dust and spider webs and rat nests, it is a time capsule of its own beauty. It is totally complete and solid and all original. We can still read the last rego number, N34-975. Recognize or know anything of its history? Now what should be its future.. oily rag recommissioning, or full restoration. What do pre-war readers think?"

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