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About quiz #377 : 1923 Newton (Ceirano) Brooklands

1923 newton_brooklands_470
Well this was one of those cars that you either know or never haVE heard about.  The car that was subject of  quiz 377 turned up at a most pleasant 'strawberries & bubbles' event at Bicester Heritage airfield

It is the 1100 cc  1923 Newton 200 miles Brooklands racer as developped by Noel Newton. You can read the various knowledgeable additions about the car from the comments of last week's competitors. We particularly liked the comments by Gerry Barrett. Why? As he explained about the name and second name of the car and as you know our 'What is it?" quiz is in fact about namegiving. Gerry added that the car was only to become the 1923 Newton - Ceirano when Newton with business partner Bennet became importers for Ceirano cars. This fits nicely with the the remarks of  Frazer Sloan  son of one of the former owners and Ceirano connoisseur Nick Sloan, who explained us that there are virtually  no Ceirano parts on the car.
Congratulations Gerry!   Next week a new chance. Or start chewing on this weekend's post-war quiz car..! 
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Hats off - goggles on.

Hats off - goggles on. ( friday lady )

We are lucky to live in this digital age and today we invite you to revisit an old friend we introduced back in 2012. Our picture shows Joan Newton Cuneo in 1911 at the wheel of her Pope Hummer (corr. 1911 Knox) with which she set the woman’s speed record of 111.5 MPH. This was after her previous successes had helped The American Automobile Association  ban women from entering their events .

Even before her motoring career, Cuneo had displayed her spirit when she helped start the Ladies Four- in-Hand Club for driving a coach and four – a pastime not for the faint hearted!  Men had their own Coaching Club open only to gentlemen.

The digital age has helped author Dr. Elsa A. Nystrom complete her painstaking research into today’s subject and publish the fruits of her four years’ labour in Mad for Speed - The Racing Life of Joan Newton Cuneo and it has also helped us receive a copy through the letterbox with an easy click of a mouse.

The book was published in 2013 and more pictures have emerged since our first story. This one is rare since it is the only ‘staged’ shot where Cuneo looks clean and posed as opposed to her usual business like images. You’ll like this one of her at the bench and here she is changing a tyre.

Surviving pictures often show our Friday lady wearing an elegant hat, but as Dr. Nystrom says in her comment on our original story,  “ The hat came off and the goggles went on when she put the pedal to the metal.”


Text Robin Batchelor, picture courtesy Pettee Memorial Library / Wilmington Historical Society.

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The Pierce Arrow must go

1936 Pierce-Arrow_model_1601_Stan_Hywet_470
What do you do when you find  a superb unrestored 1931 Lincoln Dietrich convertible sedan? No issue for David Schultz, director of the Stan Hywet Concours d'Elegance. He has Lincoln blood in his veins, so he will always choose the 'Lincoln highway'. Even when it will ask for sacrifices in other areas. In this particular case he probably will need to say fare well to the untouched, never restored 1936 Pierce Arrow 1601 Sedan pictured above.

When David is taking care for a car he likes to do it properly. See what he has done with the unrestored Lincoln ... (not a drop of paint added so far).  The paint is not original,  so he considers bringing the car back to factory livery with Slate Green(upper) over Hamilton Green(lower). 

Sorry you won't see the Pierce nor the Lincoln at the Stan Hyweth Concours as David doesn't want to be distracted from his organising role and most probably will use a golfcart only. But no worries, no less than 160 superb other automobiles that were carefully selected will turn up there.  Stan Hywet Concours d'Elegance, 19-21 September 
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Portugese pumper mysteries

Fire pump mysteries

Not a long time ago several interesting fire pumps were exposed at a Portuguese classic car event. The 1930 Citroen C6  (photo 3) or the 1929 Brockway (Photo 4) seem to be fully original while others like the 1929 Buick (photo 5), 1930 Cadillac (photo 6) or 1920s Packard (photo 7) have suffered of deep transformations during the postwars years. The Packard seems to be derived of a grand luxury, maybe even from the desirable "Twin six" if we observe the steering wheel. Also there were two trucks that despite their original appearance we haven´t been able to find the concrete marque. The one of the main photo is a real oddball with this rounded radiator. The round shape indicates a possible french origin (Delaunay-Bellevillle?) but this baroque words in the front are unidentifiable for us, as is the little badge of the more current fire engine of photo 2, equally difficult to name. Do you have any idea?

(photos Unai Ona; text Francisco Carrion)
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