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It's only a fish

Its only a fish.

When I have guests staying from overseas I like to take them to Oxford and all its architecture and museums and shops, but on the way there I turn down a small side street and stop. Out with the camera and take the picture that is always the favourite. A shark in a roof!

It’s known as the Headington Shark and when ‘Kat’ came to stay from Germany, a ride in my Bullnose Morris would have been enough,  but the look on her face as we rounded the corner was priceless. The car was made in 1921 only a few miles away, in Cowley. The shark has become very popular with tourists and the original house owner has now rented the house out to new people to let them answer the constant questions.

(Text and photographs Robin Batchelor)

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A new life to my 1929 Chrysler Imperial Le Mans Roadster

1929 chrysler_imperial_le_mans_roadster_470

The 1929 Chrysler Imperial Le Mans roadster series 75. They call her "The Breeze" (click main photo for current condition). She's a former stockcar restored in Australia in 1976 (photos 5,6,7) and once more in The Netherlands in 2007 (photos 1-4 ). Now she 'new' and roaring again and doing 95 miles/hour.

editor: Well Mr. Legrand, let's hope you don't try this 95 mph on a daily basis. Er... the Breeze is an old lady, no matter how goodlooking she is.
Anyway, we just love to see Before & After photos.
So don't be shy and upload 'your work' through this page

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The 24-pot Zandvoort Revival Challenge

Vintage revival_2014_volpi_v16_bugatti_type_54_470

Due to an unhappy decision of the Zandvoort Circuit management the Zandvoort Vintage Revival is in the same weekend as the DTM, a championship for souped-up post-2010 saloons. Revival organiser DVSCC however has picked up the challenge and will use the weekend to learn the hamburger kids about real race cars. A fabulous field of 69 articipating  sports and racing cars from six countries. Most interesting it will be to see the dinosour battle between the Bugatti Type 54 and Volpi V16 (Cadillac). Will the mighty Molsheim Eight hold up against the brute force of Detroit's V16?

 Last minute entries are welcome here.

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Avions Voisin mystery Drophead & Dealer Sign

avions voisin_drophead_coupe_470

Slightly similar to the Voisin Drophead coupe sold at Bonhams recent Beaulieu sale. Yet the one on this photo sent by Vincent Juvenelle seems more elaborate. After counting the bonnet louvres we concluded that the car is probably based on a C14 chassis. Vincent who only recently found the photo wonders who could be the coachbuilder. Now that we're talking Voisin, you may be able to help your editor learning more about the heavy bronze Avions Voisin (Issy-Seine) dealer (?) shield recently found by him. Size is about 25 cm in diameter, weight around 2 kilos. The seller told it once was in the showroom of a (Voisin) car deaeler in Coimbra, Portugal. Anybody who can add some information to that?
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