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Cant-A-Ford US-made Model T parts?


Today's is the official start of 'Hershey', world's largest autojumble: the 2015  AACA Eastern Regional Fall Meet in Hershey, Pennsylvania. If you can't find your US parts there, then you better forget. If you want a Model T, a cheap Model T, you're here at the right spot. Well outside Model T, Model A and more, you can expect to find about anything at Hershey.

There's just one thing that has always surprised us. When you go buy new parts for your Model T an awful lot of those parts are marked with a small sticker saying 'Made in China'. It is our opinion that's something you American T-lovers can't a-ford. Forget for once the old saying a dime saved is a dime earned and bring back the Model T parts production back to Dearborn - or if you like to get things from far - bring it to Neah Bay, Washington  or Brownsville, Texas. Just roll up your sleeves and make your Model T parts in the US! We would T-hink T-hat's a ma-TT-er of pride.

Learn from Ward Underwood age 12 who built his CANT-A-FORD DD (Donkey Drive) one hundred years ago. Hershey started back in 1955 and now is celebrating its 60th edition. Isn't that great timing for a T-urn around? Don't think the Chinese are out of work if you do so. They have their hands full producing Harley Davidson stuff...

(Photo Ford Times, August 1915)

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The cars of Harold Coker at Hershey

The cars of Harold Coker at Hershey.

The auction held by RM Sotheby's at Hershey on 8-9 October includes the collection of cars that belonged to the late Harold Coker. We should all know that name because he started the Coker tyre company in 1958 and made it grow into the world's largest supplier of tyres for our old cars. His life-long passion for antique automobiles enabled him to form an impressive collection.

Let's start with the Thomas Flyers, not one but TWO!  The 1907 Four-Passenger Runabout has a powerful 60HP T-Head 4-cylinder engine with 4-speed gearbox and double chain drive to the rear wheels and a guarantee to transport the driver back to the days when Paris was the destination for such cars, whether it be from Peking in 1907 or New York in 1908. The 1905 Thomas Flyer Model 25 has seating for five is said to be the car Harrah most coveted but was unable to buy. This Model 25 is the most authentic known and is the car collectors come to inspect when restoring their own Flyers. The 1911 National Model 40 Speedway Roadster is described as 'a veritable twin'  to the car that won the 1912 Indianapolis 500. It looks fast and it is fast.

We had not heard of a Petrel, but Harold Coker found one from 1909 and is said to be the sole survivor. Before you say anything about the colour, which we would innocently call purple, let us praise the previous owner for his diligent research whilst rebuilding the car and his success at discovering Petrel's 'standard colour' known as 'English Violet with Black and Gold Striping' and matching the paint to a chip found on a flange during restoration.

(Text Robin Batchelor, pictures courtesy RM Sotheby's)

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New General Post Office with motorcars?

New General Post Office

Many people will be travelling this week. Some go East, other go West.  Many will be seeing New York on the way, and maybe even - despite their mobile e-mail -  will check the New(!) General Post Office, built in 1912. We found this manipulated postcard in the Horwitz collection and discovered the postcard is slightly older than the brass era motorcars suggest. We found the very same building, same photographer, same camera, same point of view, same people in the same position ... yet then with another set of vehicles on this postcard.  Just for the fun of it, compare with today's situation. We love to research pictures! So don't be shy, just send in!
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A fine Alvis 12/70... but... What? When? And who? (upd. Mells Somerset!)

mystery alvis_12_70-470

Robin Gilbert writes: "This column helped me identify a 12/70 Mulliners saloon before, but I doubt if even the PreWarCar readers can identify which SC series car this is. This lovely period photo was given to me in my capacity as 12/70 Model Secretary for the Alvis Owner Club by two VSCC members, but we don't know where it was taken, when it was taken, who the lady is or which car is shown. The style of the lady's hat and the relatively new appearance of the car suggest it's pre-war and I'm hoping that someone might recognise the distinctive building she is looking at to give us the location."

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