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The 'Found in Vietnam' Bugatti Type 40
Unknown car - around 1915


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A Dancing Mystery ( UPDATE: 1927/28 Studebaker President or Commander?)

easter girls_mystery_470

We're looking forward to a sunny Easter weekend and we truly hope the same counts for you whatever your wheareabouts on the globe. The trees in the background seem to blossom, which suggest it is spring. Not exactly sure about the event which made these girls dance around today's mystery car as if it is a May 1st Pole Ribbon Dance, yet it looks they're having a grand time. However most of you have glanced around them of course to check the big saloon. Though the looks are quite Bentley-ish the hubs look more like Packard. As we can't ask the driver who is presumably operating the camera (lucky chap) we better wait and see what you have to say.

(Walter Miller collection)

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A sub-compact Cadillac for the Prince of Siam

The Kings (children) Car

Recently we received several photos showing early pedal (or otherwise motorised child's cars). This one was sent in by Valery Patrakov: "Here is a photo of little Cadillac made for Siamese king's children in 1913."
Well first of all the location and bystanders don't give the impression that the photo was shot in Siam. Maybe in the US prior to delivery? Anyway it is thinkable this was the first car ever driven by GP-legend Prince Bira . Yet in that case he probably he was the second driver as his majesty Bira was born in 1914. So the first driver of this child's Caddy in that case was his older brother Prince Abhas (both princes depicted here). But maybe you are more interested  in the child's car itself. Looks like a perfect copy of it's big brother 1913 Cadillac 5 passenger Touring Sedan Convertible. Have any of these Cadillac child's cars survived, or was it a one-off by Cadillac to please the royal clientele?

UPDATE: check the comments and this fab short video


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What happened to the Vietnam Amilcar ?

Vietnam Amilcar

Glen Robb editor of the Amilcar Salmson Register is interested to learn whatever happened to another Vietnam find: “While on the subject of cars in Vietnam, I was contacted some 7/8 years back by an American (still alive) who had found this car but wanted to know more about it. I told him as much of the history and asked him to make further contact. I wrote about it in our magazine but heard no more from the American. He would not say where he or the car was and perhaps if we have someone read PreWarCar from there they may have heard or seen the car.” 

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An end to an era in Enid, Oklahoma

An end to an era in Enid, Oklahoma

Unfortunately we’d never heard of Oliver Jordon of Enid, Oklahoma until lately. But Mr. Jordon must have been a man to our hearts, there’s no doubt about that. This is his story in just a few lines: in 1945 Mr. Jordon bought an existing scrap yard which he continued to run as a business. He bought and sold cars and parts, which he loved doing. But than, one day in 1953, the local government told him he had to change. The city council had plans for expansion, and there was no place for the Jordon yard. Mr. Jordon didn’t like that. And so this tough old bird simply decided to shut the doors. However, he didn’t stop buying old cars. And while his collection grew and grew, he guarded his property with more and more barb wire and mean dogs. We can also imagine he must have had some sort of a barrel gun, too, as it’s not too difficult to impersonate Mr. Jordon as a real-life good ol’ Uncle Jesse.

Anyway: Mr. Jordon passed away at the age of 95 in 2003. And he left his beloved wife Ruby with more old iron then she could ever imagine. Fast forwards 10 years and she has died, too. And so, the family is now offering all of it to the highest bidder in the weekend of June 7, 2014. The seller thinks there are approximately 220 cars from the 1910s to the 1950s, with the bulk dating from the 1930s and 1940s. There’s no doubt some of the cars or bodies alone will make it to the hotrodding scene but others deserve a full restauration. How about 1936 and 1937 Cords, one of them supercharged (pictured with Oliver Jordon); a 1939 ‘all-aluminum’ Lincoln 7-passenger sedan; a 1917 Maxwell or a 1935 Cadillac with Fleetwood body? The auctioneer emphasizes that the site must be cleared so, yes, this is an end to an era. But Mr. Jordon's heritage will live on in many places.

[text: Jeroen Booij; photos courtesy VanDerBrink Auctions]
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