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‘Mystery car’ on the platform of the Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway c.1905

the ‘mystery car’ on the platform of the Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway c.1905Recreating a photo from 1905 can be a lot of fun. It all starts with getting the right car. But what to do when you don't know what car it is on the photo? Rob Shaddick, director of the Lunmouth & Lynton lift company did the right thing. He asked around, and found us to help him with this mystery car. First, we thought a De Dion Bouton or a Renault, but some specialists don't think this is correct.

What do we know:
The car, registered A7047 was owned (we assume) by Sir George Newnes (who is sat in car next to his driver). Sir George Newnes was a key financier of the Cliff Railway.

The Cliff Railway was originally used to take cars between the two villages as Lynmouth Hill was only a dirt track. This made it impossible for cars to get up the steep hill with their less powerful engines. But this came to an end as cars became able to cope with the incline. In 1952, the lift was used again to move cars during the Lynmouth flood disaster. The Cliff Railway was established in 1888 and has been in permanent use since it's opening in 1890.

So, the railway will stay, but what about this mystery?

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Winter wonder fun or TLC? What do you do?

Winter wonder fun or TLC? What do you do?
The end of the year is approaching. This means the traditional Christmas songs are playing on the radio. Snow is falling and the cars are locked up in our sheds. But there are always a few brave men and of course, women (or shall we call them crazy) who drive through the winter.
Next Sunday the 100 miles of Amsterdam will be held on the night of 17 December. More than 50 pre-war cars conquer the cold winter night. As we are in the organization of the event, we can unfortunately not participate ourselves. But when we looked out the window this morning, we saw the first snow. We took our chance to have some car fun. As a couple of kids, we quickly got our warm clothes and snow-boots and jumped in the car.

The car we took was a 1934 Riley Lynx 14/6 which, with its pre-selector gearbox, is a very easy car to drive and perfect for a slippery day of fun. Although there are some people who thought we were crazy. We had such a great time on an abandoned parking, a few roundabouts, and narrow country lanes. As you can read we use our cars the whole year around. What do you do? Do you use the winter period for some TLC or do you drive through winter wonderland?
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Watch Stanley Mann Racing for a last time

Earlier this week, the news came to us that one of the bastions in vintage WO Bentley's sales, racing and rallying has closed the doors on its garage overnight for the final time. Stanley Mann Racing is well known in the world as one of the first involved in the Bentley racing. As many of you probably know, Stanley passed away last year. Which unfortunately also means that the workshops have come to an end. So, let's enjoy the workshop for the last time with the movie above.
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About What is it? Quiz #459L ZIS 101B

There was a catch in last week's quiz, as it wasn't a 'real' pre-war. But most of you noticed it and gave the right answer. Yes, it is a ZIS or ZIL 110 B. A car based on a Packard (that was the pitfall for many of you), something Stalin loved. Even if you don't know the car, you were able to find out more about the car as the persons in it were well known. So, the car is a ZIL 110B. It's a prototype, manufactured during the World War. Stalin wanted to show to the world that he could improve the car manufacturing process, even during the World War. That is the reason why he made this car. The photo was set by Iveta, who has the car for 27 years now.
What makes this kind of quizzes as interesting as they are, is the fact that we find new information in the answers. One of the responses came from Konstantin Zhukov, who restored the car in 1998. He gave us more photo of the car on his own website.

As said, many good answers came in and this makes our task even harder to choose a winner. After reading all the answers, we decided that Henk Visscher will receive the full 5 points for his answer as he is most complete: On 29-04-1958 Gamal Abdel Nasser, president of the newly formed United Arab Republic (Egypt and Syria) arrived in Moscow for an 18-day state visit. Soviet Presidium Chairman Voroshilov and First Secretary Khrushchev welcomed him. Standing in the pictured ZIL-110B (mirrored!), they drove to the Kremlin. Launched end-1945, the 110-limousine designed for the Communist elite was the product of reverse engineering of the 1942 Packard-180. Initially named ZIS-110 (Zavod Imeni Stalina), the model was rebranded as the ZIL-110 (Zavod Imeni Lichachova) when Khrushchev had denounced Stalin. The cabriolet version ZIS/ZIL-110B was produced between 1949 and 1957; about 40 cars built.

Other good answers (who will receive the 3 points) came from: Tom St. Martin, Jeff Perkins, Donald Risen, Michael Roehrs, Paul Amato, Alan Spencer, Anders Svenfelt, Stephane Aderca, Robiolle Stanislas, Larry A. Lewis, David Horsley, Valery Patrakov, Gotthard, Adam, Awini Ambuj Shanker, George Cassidy, Fritz Hegemann, Andreas Brocke, Darryl Grey, Bob Hall, Stuart Penketh, Gerd Klioba, Peter Skofic, Robert Hafner, Jean-Claude Poisson, Bernard Corrège, David Chelonie, Fried Stol and Luc Ryckaert.

The bad luck trophy of 1 point goes to: Alan Brookman, Sarah Foret and Politi.

This gives us a change in the top 5:
1. Gerd Klioba - 33 points
2. Henk Visscher - 29 points
3. Alan Spencer - 28 points
4. Fritz Hegemann - 23 points
5. Luc Ryckaert - 22 points

Thank you all for participating and enjoy your weekend!

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