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Syston Park back on track?

What happened to Syston Park?

Richard Powell writes: "I am spearheading the revival of a pre war race track at Syston Park near Grantham,in Lincolnshire. In 1926 Syston Park created the first road trrack race cicrcuit in Britain. One of our Aims is to bring together cars and motorcycles that would have taken part in the original event. We are consulting with the MSA at the moment to see the type of event we can hold on the existing track. I think at the very least, they will allow us to do demonstration runs and then as the event builds we would like to run a competitive speed trial or sprint. As well as the original track, less than 1/2 mile away, is a nice race track on RAF Barkston Heath. It is a very exciting project and from the response we have had so far, we are delighted with the number and quality of the responders. If you are interested in meeting up for a chat, we are holding a small launch party on 20th September to tell everybody about what our plans are for the track and as importantly speak with owners and enthusiasts and members of the press. This date does clash with Angouleme for some people, but if you are free we would love to see you."

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A Michelin tyred Mystery (UPD: 28 July 1900, Schökelfahrt: Graz-Radegund-Schöckl)


A most interesting Monday morning mystery. The tyres are known and the photo has been used by Michelin for publicity but the car is still unidentified. Text on backside of picture: 'Schwere Fahrt am 28 Juli 1900. Gruz (?) - Rusogund(?) - Schvörle (?) 4542 feet high. "Well that's quite an accomplishment. Especially taking into account the far from standard machinery for that time. Please check the watercooled opposing twin in this next photo showing the front of the carriage." Who can help with the location and of course the car!

(Pictures sent by a friend from France)

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Piccolo restorations in Norway

Piccolo restorations in Norway

Stein Tranvik writes: "Norway has become the new world head quarter for the Piccolo cars that were made by Ruppe & Sohn in Apolda, Thuringen, Germany. And why, you may ask... Because so many have survived in Norway. There are 6 Piccolo cars, a large percentage of all surviving cars. And right now, 3 of these cars are being restored / serviced in the middle of Norway. Close to the city of Levanger, in his great work shop, almost situated on an island, mr. Kjell Ivar Haltvik has become the greatest expert on these small Piccolo cars.

There are at the moment the mentioned three Piccolos in his work shop. A green 1908 car is in for a light recommissioning, after being exhibited for some 30+ years. The close up is showing the engine of that car. The blue one dated 1910 is in for a total restoration and will be finished within a few months. It was first attempted restored in the 1960's, but most of that work had to be redone. Finally there is the 1907 car, before restoration and a recent photo of the same, lacking body. On that car mr. Haltvik has done wonders, and made a lot of missing parts, like the ignition system. Also he made a new rod and numerous other parts. The engine ran for the first time in 90 years a week ago! Well done. It will probably hit the road next summer. Greetings from Norway - the No. 1 Piccolo country in the world."

(text & photos Stein Tranvik)

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What is it? Quiz #398

What is it? Quiz #398

The gentlemen responsible for making this car had some experience of the Gordon Bennett race and if you see a Panhard influence, there's a good reason. The car was one of the first in the world to boast an important feature and yet was famous for lacking another important feature. We know some of you will go straight to the answers, but to claim the top spot name the driver and passenger who were both actively involved with the car.

Please give us any relevant information you may have on this particular car. Starting with Make, Year and Type. Plus whatever you can come up with, that is to say within 100 words. Please post your answer in the comment box below (please do not email) and be sure to read The Rules under Read More. This may be your chance to win the infamous PreWarCar T-shirt and wear with pride at this season's events! Results will be published next Saturday, July 11.
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