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A 'sheet-shaker' Tatra 57b 1940

Tatra 57b (1940)

A nice photo of a lesser known Tatra, a 57B of 1940. It made us think of the sheet shakers, a photographic 'pre-adobe photoshop' trick to add a neutral background to a car photo. Mocci Demartis, collector from Sardinia - mentions not only the rarity of the car. This one was used by the germans as a personel car in WWII (in military 'grau' of course) and later was kept in the Resistance Museum of Prague. Mocci claims that the forced air cooling system of the post-war Porsches was copied from this Tatra (editor: we found no proof for that...). Based on the colour of the wheels and upholstery the car was restored in burgundy over black.

(photos Mocci Demartis) 
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Old Romanian aristocracy enjoying a Diatto?

Old romanian aristocracy and a Diattro

Hey, don't you think this is a nice soft focus Sunday shot? Ken Skuse sent it and writes: "I am an Englishman ex RAF who came to Romania in 1993, and stayed on as an NGO having inherited 100 orphans, and as you see I am still here. I came across a photograph that I could not resist, in the archives of a collector in a town called Bistrita Romania, at least fifteen years ago, a charming group of what was probably the old Romanian aristocracy on a happy day out, before their country and lives descended into hell under communism. It is doubtful that they would have survived. So elegant and care free, it is beautiful in a time gone for ever. Today reading a book 'Comrade Baron' by the acclaimed prize winning author Jaap Scholten about the years of communism here in Romania, he wrote, 'They (an aristocratic family) had a Diatto, an Italian car.' I checked it out on the Internet, found your site and the name of the car in my picture at last."

Editor: thanks for sending this Ken. Hard to say if this is a Diatto. What's visible of the radiator points in the good direction. But we have never seen one with artillery wheels, but hey, some other visitors will know for sure. 

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What is it? Quiz #389

whatisit 389_470

It's a very rare edwardian beauty. Saying it has an imposing radiator is an understatement. It's massive! Still behind all that you will not find more than a two cylinder engine, which is quite capable by the way. When you pick up your Georgano or similar you can limit yourselves to the cars made in the US, more specific Pennsylvania. Although the marque didn't live much longer than 10 years they made over 20 different models. It's said that production in 1909 was around 150 pieces. Over to you. Tell us which Marque, Year & Model plus any (trivial) knowledge. Preferably no copy/paste from the web...

Now before leaving your response in the comment box below (please do not e-mail), be sure to read The Rules under Read More. This may be your chance to win the infamous PreWarCar T-shirt. Results and source of photo will be published next Saturday, February 21.

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Miss Stapel says Goodbye to a 1935 Adler Trumpf (update: or Favorit?)

1935 Adler Trumph

It is always pleasing to be able to share with you pictures from family motoring albums taken by previous generations and today is the next one from Hugo Modderman, our vintage car expert friend who has premises in Monaco and Rotterdam.

He inherits his passion from his father who obviously had good taste – not only in cars. The picture shows a beautiful girl happy to oblige when her Father, Mr. Stapel, asked her to pose beside the 1935 Adler Trumpf which had finally been sold from his garage showroom in The Hague. This had just become the first car of Hugo Modderman’s father. (Hugo’s uncle drove a more sporting 1925 Stoewer D10) Hugo writes, "Take note of the special safety bumper." The Modderman family’s first car was, we believe, the Trumpf “Cabrio-Limousine” costing 2,650 Marks (2,750 for the ‘Limousine’) with front wheel drive designed by Hans Gustav Röhr, the German engineer, who, aged 17 in 1912, had built an aeroplane and used a 5 cylinder radial engine incorporating cylinders from a motorcycle engine.

We look forward to more pictures from old family photograph albums and hope you are making an album of your cars for future generations?

(Text Robin Batchelor, picture courtesy Hugo Modderman)

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