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A Drophead Polka Dot Mystery ( update: Adler or Citroën?)

Friday lady_mystery_drophead
She comes out with a cheeky smile to the observer, well to the photographer.  We found the scene at a marketplace where nobody wanted her as the car is both unknown and only part visible. We have a slightly different view on things. We have a soft spot for polka dots and unidentified cars. Maybe you can help us with the last bit. No matter the british appearance of the car it is a photo shot probably in Belgium or Holland. For that the left hand steering is a give away. Not the absense of a navi device but the presence of a well used roadmap in the doorpocket. The door itself is not particularly flimsy which may be a sign for an upmarket machine. The bonnet is showing a vent door and no louvres. And what about the twin wiper operation, the well formed seats and the nice top bows. The hubcaps point to the last pre-war years. The rear bumper and oversized tail light may offer a last straw for identification.  We're looking forward to hear your comments. Maybe you can even tell us more about the silver(?) brooch the lady is wearing and about the runaway 'polka dot' on the right seat. Or is it a golf ball? 
(photo archive editor)
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Throwback Thursday: Sonia Delaunay finally in 3D ?!

Sonia Delaunay paints planes and cars.

Over the last 15 years we have published three times about the fabulous avant garde designs of Sonia Delaunay;  in 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2015. So is today's fifth publication perhaps somewhat superfluous? Not! We'll never find the proof that our publications are inspiring  but fact is that coming weekend a unique hommage to the work of Sonia will drive up to the PreWarCar stand at Concours d'Elegance Paleis Het Loo. We'll give you a hint how the 'Sonia' will look like, and how much hard work was involved. All done by designer Bernadette Ramaekers, who started with making a model presentation making use of an orginal tin toy version of the B12 Coupe. But sorry no more than that,  to keep a surprise for the visitors. Can't make it to the Concours this weekend? In the near future the Citroën 'Delaunay' will find its destination in the Mullin Automotive Museum in California.  

When we last visited Sonia Delaunay it was to introduce her painting 'Hommage à Blériot' and we are pleased to see her name again as the subject of an exhibition at London's Tate Modern where they are holding retrospectives to five under-sung female artists. Delaunay spent two years working on three large murals for the 1937 Paris International Exhibition of Arts and Technology in Modern Life - Propeller, engine & instrument panel.

Many will have seen the picture of the Delaunay Citroen with two fur-clad ladies ( SD at the wheel?)  but we believe this image shows the artist herself beside a more sumptuous car, and here is the same car with more Delaunay-fashioned ladies. We believe it may be the artist's Talbot - can you confirm? 

(Text Robin Batchelor)

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PWC Workshop: remaking a 'minor' radiator fitting

Radiator fitting_Hudson_finished-800
1935 Hudson_8_roadster-800Bob Ward from Australia sends his latest project. He is working on a 1935 Hudson 8 cyl roadster. 

The problem with his car was that the cast iron fitting attached to the radiator top tank has rotted and is irrepairable. Also 1935 Hudson_8_roadster_radiator-600there is little chance of obtaining a usable replacement so he decided to make one of a block of steel using a manual lathe and mill.  And so he did. 10 Kilogram of steel pared down to 1.4 kg. And look at the superb result.

How he did it:
The job was done using the 3 jaw, 4 jaw and sacrificial faceplate in the latheRadiator fitting_Hudson_lathe-800, standard vice, tilting vice and rotary table in the mill. First he roughed out the internal cavity. corner drilled the cavity, removed most of it on the lathe and then milled the rest.... and so on.  

Radiator fitting_Hudson_before-800
Editor: to be honest,  we have a lathe in our workshop, but most of the work Bob did is sheer magic to us and could not be done by tour hands connected to our brain. If on the other hand want to know where Bob went into the nitty gritty machining stuff, then check his adventures at the Metalworkforums

If you have a project that you like to show, send us pictures and some information to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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An SS Jaguar tale with a long tail

We all know the result when an automobile is stored for a very long time? You'll find not only rust, but also dried-out mice. That's what happened when this SS Jaguar four-seater tourer saw daylight again after many years. What's the story? During the 1930s only one SS Jaguar four-seater tourer was shipped to The Netherlands. After a sheltered but short life with a prosperous family, it disappeared. Just like that. No one knew about it or what had become of it. In 1974 the SS Jaguar turned up for the first time, in a very sorry state, discovered by a young enthusiast after a Sherlock Holmes type expedition. He kept his mouth shut and told nobody about it. The SS Jaguar remained in storage while he tried to buy it from the owner. After sixteen (16!) years of trying he gave up and passed the information on to a friend. He, also an enthusiast, succeeded to persuade the owner, but that needed patience, lots of patience as it took him another twenty-four (24!) years. All those years the SS Jaguar never saw a glimpse of daylight. However, that changed last year. The SS Jaguar four-seater tourer was treated to a very sympathetic restoration, while the patina of decades. Of course, there's more, much more to this story. You can read all about it in the July issue of The Automobile, out now. And if you want to admire this amazing SS Jaguar in the flesh, that's also possible. It will be presented at the Concours d'Elegance at Paleis Het Loo in The Netherlands, to be held on July 2 & 3. Do come to the PreWarCar enclave opposite the Royal Palace where it can be seen among the other entrants in the - for Holland - new concours class "Well Preserved".
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