Daimler 22 hp 1910 for sale

G. N. Georgano’s Encyclopedia tells us that the Daimler Motor Syndicate was set up in 1893 and became part of investor Harry Lawsons expanding motor industry portfolio empire in 1896 before being bought by BSA in 1911. Between those years two significant events in Dainler’s history occurred - in 1902 the Prince of Wales (later King Edward the Seventh) took delivery of his first Daimler starting the very strong relationship between the company and the British Royal Family which lasted until the 1950s and secondly, in 1904 the instantly recognisable Daimler fluted radiator was introduced which lasted until 2008 when the Tata corporation of India acquired the company when it bought Jaguar.

This particular Veteran Car Club dated 1910 four cylinder 22 hp car is one of the earliest Daimlers to be fitted with a Knight double sleeve valve engine, the significant benefit of which is that they are very smooth and quiet when compared to poppet valved engines. The present owner, who has owned the car for eight years, has had a considerable amount of work done on the engine including having the block rebored and new inner and outer cylinder sleeves made for it - during the rebuild the rest of the engine was thoroughly checked over to make sure it was in good order. The dual ignition magneto and coil system was rebuilt and the car was fitted with an electric starter for the engine and an alternator added to recharge the battery. The battery also powers the side and rear lights as these now have electric bulbs for safer driving in gloomy weather. The superb set of acetylene headlights were professionally rebuilt by the specialists at Genius of the Lamp.

The Daimler has a conventional three speed and reverse gearbox but the engine has so much low down torque that you only rarely have to change gear once you have got the car rolling. The back axle has been fitted with new bearings and a new crown wheel was specially made. The wheels were checked over and refurbished as required and new tyres were fitted.

The coachwork was completely removed from the chassis which was itself cleaned, checked and repainted. The body panels were stripped to bare metal and resprayed and the seats were fully refurbished using the original leather. The wooden components of the hood frame were replaced, the hood was recovered, new side screens and a tonneau cover were made and the running boards were refurbished. In addition the car has an Auster windscreen for the comfort of the rear passengers.

The car has covered 5,000 miles since all this work was done so it has had plenty of time to settle down and you will not be faced with sorting out all the niggling problems you so often get after a major rebuild.

So here we have a really splendid product of one of Britain’s finest motor car manufacturers which supplied cars to the very highest levels of society. I mentioned the Prince of Wales earlier and there is on file a picture of him sitting in what looks like an identical Daimler at about the same time as this car was first supplied though we make no claims on that subject! This particular Daimler was first registered in Cumberland, hence the AO prefix on its registration number, and the file contains a copy of the relevant page of the original 1910 ledger which shows its first owner.

I think you will be hard pressed to find many cars of this era which are as well prepared and useable as this one so you can look forward to many happy local drives, longer tours and old car rallies if you decide buy it!


Seller: Gavin McGuire Fine Automobiles
Phone: 0044 (0) 7770 316482

Details for Daimler 22 hp 1910 for sale

Make: Daimler
Type: 22 hp
Year: 1910
Price: GBP 59950
Advert ID: 178578
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