Peugeot Type 63B twin cylinder WITH ENTRY FOR 2016 BRIGHTON RUN 1904 for sale

This lovely car arrived in the UK in 1993 and in 1995 was issued with Veteran Car Club dating certificate number 2054 since when it has taken part in many London to Brighton runs in the hands of its two UK based owners, one of whom is a past president of the Veteran Car Club.

It has an 1100 cc twin cylinder T head engine mated to a three speed and reverse gearbox and is fitted with elegant four seat rear entrance tonneau coachwork. The car has been the subject of a considerable amount of mechanical and cosmetic work over the last few years and the file includes many invoices to support the work done – they no doubt account for how good it looks and how well it goes!

When I first saw the Peugeot I was impressed with its very smart presentation and I am very happy to say that the initial test drive lived up to the promise of its appearance. Since then I have taken it for an extended run and continue to be impressed with the way it goes. The engine runs nicely and pulls well, the clutch and gearbox are easy to use, the steering is positive with no signs of wandering and the brakes are well up to the job, in fact the only problem I had on the run was that I did not want to put the car away as I was having too much fun!

A good twin cylinder car like this will give you a performance edge over a single cylinder machine without you having to make the value leap to a four cylinder car. It also lets you take part in single and twin cylinder events like the Creepy Crawley.

When you consider it, surprisingly few car manufacturers survive from those extant in the early 1900s but Peugeot is one of them and when you drive this example you soon understand why!


Seller: Gavin McGuire Fine Automobiles
Phone: 0044 (0) 7770 316482

Details for Peugeot Type 63B twin cylinder WITH ENTRY FOR 2016 BRIGHTON RUN 1904 for sale

Make: Peugeot
Type: Type 63B twin cylinder
Year: 1904
Price: GBP 197500
Advert ID: 185791
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