Rolls-Royce Pullmann Limousine 1935 for sale

Just in from Denmark & who better to describe it then the last owner:

Rolls-Royce Phantom II – 7 seater Pullmann Limousine 1935

Chassisnumber UK82. Built by Lancefield, London. The complete file from theRolls-Royce-factory follows the car.
This Rolls Royce Phantom II, UK82 is the last planned Phantom II in the world and was sold from new to Sir Albert Lindsay Parkinson in 1935, who unfortunately past away already in 1936.
There is only one more build
The car was obviously standing unused in all the years until many years after the World War II was ended.
The well known Rolls-Royce enthusiast, Andre’ Blaize, have found an advertising of this car in 1938, where it was announced for sale for 1600 £, which is much lower as the price from new, which was 2835£.
The odometer showed at that time 16800 Miles.
The next part of the history of the car is first known from 1968, when the former owner of the car, a big truck-company-owner, Herman Wendick purchased it from an owner in Holland and offered a complete renovation of the car, where it was changed from black to the color of today.
Only all the black painted things was at that time made in pure blatt-gold, and the interior of to day, made in black leather in the front and pure silk in the back. The complete invoice from this renovation is in the files.
Mr. Herman Wendick used only the car once in his life, and that was at his own wedding in 1970.
Immediately after the wedding he packed the car in a warmed garage, and stored it under a wooden frame, covered with plates, and let the car be standing there until he pased away as 71 year old in 2004, which means, that the car has been standing in the same garage, untouched in 34 years.
When the car was sold to me, direct from his widow, the car still had the champagne bottle from the wedding and the 2 glasses, of which the one was broken. An amazing story, which is thrue.
The odometer was standing on 20500 Miles at that time.
Since the last 11 years from 2004 until today, it has covered a total mileage of 9000 Miles, so the Odometer now shows 29500 Miles.
The car is driving as new, with syncromesh in 2.nd, and 3.rd gear, and all the wheels are only 2 years old, and the clutch is brand new, as well as the Hot spot, which was mounted brand new for under ½ a year ago.
Everything funktions on the car, and the present owner in Denmark is the owner of the only existing workshop in Denmark, Bernt Hansens Eftf. Aps, whgich guaranties, that the car is in very fine order.


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Details for Rolls-Royce Pullmann Limousine 1935 for sale

Make: Rolls-Royce
Coach: Pullmann Limousine
Year: 1935
Price: GBP 85000
Advert ID: 190409
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