Adler Carette 2 seater 1914 for sale

On the 23rd March 1914 ‘The Light car and Cyclecar’ magazine reported on an extensive 4 day trial in a 9hp Morgan Adler Carette. Their test covered 452 miles, where they achieving 38 mpg with a maximum speed of 50 mph. They describe the car as ‘one of the most refined light cars at present on the market’. They also commented that it was refined ‘not only in construction, but in its running’ and they conclude ‘from every point of view it appears to be worth the sum charged’. A copy of this article accompanies the car and can be read whilst viewing. The 9hp Morgan Adler Carette was produced in Germany by the Frankfurt based Adler Company. Like many car companies of this time they formally had been manufacturers of bicycles, they were inspired by the possibility’s and growth potential in the motor car. Adler was a well-respected German company and Adler had been manufacturing automobile components for others before the introduced its own motorcar. A Renault-influenced, De Dion Bouton-powered voiturette in 1900. Within a few years the company was making there own single and twin cylinder engines. However by 1910 the Adler range was powered exclusively by it’s own four-cylinder units. The 9hp model was the only model which the company offered here in the UK in 1913, the attractive two seater body was built by Morgan and Co Ltd of Leighton Buzzard. We’re delighted to be asked to offer this exceptional and rare Morgan Adler directly from the Roger Firth collection. Like all the cars in this collection, she is of fine blood stock, and has wanted for nothing during the six years in his custodianship. The last 102 years and circa 8 owners have been kind to this fine light car. During all of her 95 years she has been based in the north of the UK, however she has traveled extensively across Europe. The history file is ample and complete, including a copy of the original entry in the Huddersfield county records, as well as a good number of buff continuation logbooks that follow the cars ownership history. The remaining ownership history is as follows.5th July 1960 Harry Rhodes, of Bradford.10th October 1962 Stan Griffiths Ltd of Batley.3rd June 1964 Hermin Horsfield & Son of Halifax23rd January 1969 John Ramsbottom Steeton (Keighley)1st December 2008 Jack Tattersall Kendel17th November 2010 Firth Collection In 1955, her first owner Charles Edwin Wood sold the car to G. H. Taylor, also of Huddersfield, who changed the colour from the original blue to ivory a colour it retains to this day. G. H. Taylor was a member VCC north eastern section, and former driver at Brooklands. During the ownership of G. H. Taylor, the Adler was very active and took part in many notable events like the VCC Silver Jubilee Event in 1955, the Austin Golden Jubilee Rally that year, the very first VCC Scottish Rally in 1959 and rallied also on the Isle of Man and in the Norwegian Fjords. The subsequent owners continued to campaign her through the 60’s and 70’s the large number of event plaques reads as her own personal Biography. The 9hp Morgan Adler is powered by a four-cylinder, side-valve engine displacing 1,292cc. Spark is by Eiseman magneto, a Zenith carburetor providing the correct fuel mixture via a very long interesting inlet tract, and a water pump is also fitted. Transmission is delivered by a three-speed + reverse gearbox with right-hand gate change, shaft and bevel final drive, transmission foot brake, rear wheel hand-brake. Upon delivery I went through the starting procedure with Mr Firth, she fired easily and instantly on the starting handle. Acceleration is via a hand throttle, and is pleasingly easy to drive with large amounts of torque provided by the 1292cc engine. The vendor confirms since his purchase via Bonham’s in 2010 he has undertaken significant amounts of work to make her the finest example in the UK if not further afield. These works include but aren’t limited to:Radiator removed flushed and repaired.Fuel tank opened up to remove tank slosh, leaks repaired.New valves and guides engine bearing, and bores checked for ware.Magneto rebuilt by John Tanner. Wheels rebuilt.Stephany wheel rebuild and all new brackets made.New brake shoes made and relined.New Head lights, originals with car.New running boards, and rubber with correct brass angle.New windscreen glass.New brass engraved wheel centers.New tonneau cover and hood bag.Re built clutch. Umbrella basket. Acetylene canister checked and new tubing fitted.Rear lamps sourced and fitted. CX1414 would make a fine addition to any automotive collection, or even as a starting point. She is a delight to drive and longing for another trip to the Norwegian Fjords!


Seller: Tom Hardman Limited
Phone: 01756719056

Details for Adler Carette 2 seater 1914 for sale

Make: Adler
Type: Carette
Coach: 2 seater
Year: 1914
Price: On Request
Advert ID: 203140
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