Lancia Augusta Berlina Cabriolet 1936 for sale

The Augusta was an intermediate model between Lancia Artena's equally-powered mid-class car and the Lancia Astura top-of-the-line model, and was intended to compete with the simpler Fiat 508. The Augusta was produced in the main factory, but also in a new factory in Bonneuil-sur-Marne, which was built in 1931. In France the model was sold as Lancia \"Belna\". The limousine was the first vehicle with a self-supporting body and counter-opening doors.This funny Lancia is one of the first cars produced on the assembly line. Thus, the Augusta marked a significant advance in automobile manufacture.The car is in need of restoration and complete and in its open version certainly an incentive for someone who restored him after work.


Seller: Thiesen Hamburg GmbH
Location: GERMANY
Phone: 0049-40-450 343-0

Details for Lancia Augusta Berlina Cabriolet 1936 for sale

Make: Lancia
Type: Augusta Berlina
Coach: Cabriolet
Year: 1936
Price: EUR 35000
Advert ID: 209542

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