Alvis Speed 25 14326 1937 for sale

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1937 Alvis Speed 253 1/2 Litre Supercharged MAKE OFFER
The Alvis, as originally built BAX 698 was built by Alvis as a Speed 25 with a 3½ Litre engine. The current Crested Eagle 19.82 engine is a supercharged 2½ Litre. is Speed 25 SB 25.63 (25.63 Taxable horsepower) Charlesworth body No. 14326 Saloon, chassis 14399, engine 14862, car 18818, English registration BAX 698, despatched from the Alvis Works on 2 June 1937 to Alvis agent Hinton and Brinton Ltd., Cardiff, Wales The number 14399 stamped into the cast aluminum bulkhead just above where the steering column passes through (and other places) is the chassis number. The number 13705 19.8 stamped into the rear of the crankcase is the engine number from Crested Eagle TF 19.82 (19.82 Taxable horsepower) Charlesworth body No. 14109 Saloon, chassis 13263, engine 13705, car 18553, despatched from the Alvis Works on 22 February 1937. Engine 13705 19.8 is basically the same engine used in one of the Speed 20 models. The number 14326 or 326 stamped in body components is the Charlesworth body number. The numbers stamped into the engine bearer arm were not stamped by Alvis, most likely by Olaf Lund or his son. The number 18553 is the car number of the Crested Eagle, 13707 is the engine number of the Crested Eagle, 13263 is the chassis number of the Crested Eagle. What you have is a Speed 25 SB 25.63 Special, chassis 14388, car 18818 with blown Crested Eagle TF 19.82 engine 13705. Constructed by Olaf P. Lund, 31 Yaringale Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham 14, circa 1970. The chassis, Alvis all synchro gearbox, rear axle, suspension, wheels, brake drums, battery boxes, cast aluminum bulkhead, petrol tank & pumps, dashboard, most instruments, steering column, radiator, radiator cowl, bonnet, etc. all appear to be stock Speed 25. Rear Axle # is 14513. The engine appears to be an Alvis 19.82 HP engine with a supercharger installed. The Luvax adjustable shock absorbers have been replaced and the Crypton Economizer lives where the control for the Luvax shocks once lived. The temperature gauge is a replacement. The Luvax/Bijur chassis lubrication system reservoir/pump is missing from the bulkhead, there is an orange container (oil filter?) in its place. The Special appears to have hydraulic brakes instead of the original cable operated brakes. The registration BAX 698 was issued by the Monmouthshire County Council between September 1936 and March 1937 The Birmingham tax disc is consistent with Olaf Lund, who operated the Tillingham Street Garage in Birmingham. Olaf and his son built a number of specials and modified quite a few cars. From my Alvis database: Olaf Lund listed BAX 698 with the Alvis Owner Club as a Speed 20/25 Special, numbers 14399 & 14862. Numbers 14399 & 14862 are Speed 25 chassis & engine numbers. Alvis Owner Club Bulletin 205, October 1970, there is mention of Olaf Lund’s Speed 25 with a supercharged, long stroke Speed 20 engine, which has only recently been completed. Alvis Owner Club Bulletin 215, September 1971, Photo below taken at Midland Alvis Day 1971 captioned, Humphrey Colliis and Olaf Lund discuss the latter's blown Speed 20/25 Special.We price our cars to sell and this Special Alvis Sports Racer will have a new owner soon.Worldwide shipping is available $48,000.00 Trades considered.

Seller: Dennis Collins
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Phone: (+1)972-442-6189

Details for Alvis Speed 25 14326 1937 for sale

Make: Alvis
Type: Speed 25
Coach: 14326
Year: 1937
Price: USD 48000
Advert ID: 209639
Viewed: 2829

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