Fiat 1922 for sale

1922 Fiat 501s Corsa - Mille Miglia Entrant 2015

As Written by the Proud Owner:

This beautiful car ended her first life in an Adelaide orchard in 1958 when it was parked in a barn with a bent valve, the barn was not opened again until 2005, I imported her shortly afterwards and lovingly restored her. She has a faultless chassis in excellent condition with period correct Hartford shock absorbers and correct 23 inch wheels and beaded edge tyres.
She has a very original 1500cc side valve with new Carillo rods, new pistons, larger valves, a Kent camshaft and a 503 head, all fully balanced of course. She runs on an 1¼” SU carburettor, but you do get the original FAIT one in the spares package. She has a nice 4 speed gearbox.
She has a 4.11 differential, which allows a higher cruising speed; she will cruise all day at 50 mile an hour and go up any hill with ease, on the 2015 Mille Miglia we passed Bugattis on the way up the hills! So not only is she Mille Miglia eligible but she has already been accepted and successfully completed the 2015 event, ending only 2 places behind James Martin in the Stirling Moss D Type!
So those who want to do well in the Mille Miglia this might be the car for you, she is one of the oldest to compete, so runs at the very front of the field behind the OMs, and she has a coefficient of 1.7. She is real vintage driving, no hood, no screen, but in Italy who needs those.
Driving Her
She is a very early vintage car of great character, has a very good gearbox but has a multi disk clutch, which is lubricated from back of the engine.
If she has been stood for a few weeks it is worth taking off the valve cover and squirting some oil over the valve guides. To start her turn the fuel tap to vertical (to the centre of the car is off, to the outside is the reserve tank). She has no fuel gauge but don’t worry if she runs out, just switch the tap and you have about 40 miles. Turn the power on at the main switch and press the button she will fire up straight away (the dashboard key is the magneto earth switch). Allow the engine to warm up for a few minutes, this also allows the clutch to pick up some oil. Allow the revs to drop as low as possible and slot it into 2rd gear (1st is just for huge hills) you need to be firm and positive getting into gear when stationary. Off you go - change up, double de clutch of course, as there is no synchromesh anywhere, blip the throttle and she will drop in easily. Changing down double de clutch but don’t blip the throttle. With a little practice you will not hear any crunches and it is very rewarding.
Remember you only have rear brakes at the moment, although there is a complete original 501 front braked axle in the spares package, and well worth fitting. So look well ahead and be gentle on the brakes and they will pull up fairly well.
A full tank of fuel will do about 180 miles so when you fill up check the oil it might need about 100ml and drain the clutch oil. I use Shell V Power fuel and add 100ml of Tetraboost to each 20 litres.

Spares package
She comes with a comprehensive spares package –
Original 501 front braked axle complete with brakes, drums, cross shaft and pedals.
Complete engine ready to rebuild with 5 new carillo rods ready white metalled, new pistons and a block which has been bored ready. Flywheel and head.
Standard differential ready assembled with torque tube ready to go straight in.
2 drive shafts, 2 front hubs.
Front and rear road springs.
Oil pump and water pump.
Original FIAT carburetor

Apart from the 1st 2 items our support team carried the rest as spares on the MM but we never used any.

We will take more extensive pictures upon the cars arrival.

A gallery of large high-resolution pictures may be viewed on our website.

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