Fiat 501 S Factory sporting tourer 1924 for sale

This rare 501 S model has been stored from 1977 to 2015 in the basement of a Scandinavian collection. After transport to Holland all fluids were drained and refreshed, after which she started immediately and performed well, still of course looking for tender, loving care. Fitted with the optional 730 x 130 wheels, the car was new delivered to Belgium, in the Liege area (hilly country) hence the small wheels, for better torque? Still on Belgium papers.

Seller: Style e Auto
Active at PWC since: 01-01-2009

Details for Fiat 501 S Factory sporting tourer 1924 for sale

Make: Fiat
Type: 501 S
Coach: Factory sporting tourer
Year: 1924
Price: EUR 35000
Advert ID: 209658
Viewed: 1235

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