Fiat 503 2 Seat Tourer 1927 for sale

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1927 Fiat 503 vintage tourer - just needs completing. The chassis is in very good condition and comes with 6 brand new cast aluminium wheels. As you can see the body is well underway and comes with a full set of wings, windscreen, hood frame, a pair of original headlights already re-silvered, new lenses and chromed rims. She comes with a huge pile of spares, 3 or 4 engine blocks, 4 crankshafts, 3 crankcases, rods, carburetors, camshafts, gearboxes, drive shafts, differentials and carriers, and boxes and boxes of small parts, hubs, drums, hub caps wheel nuts etc.etc.
There is no V5 yet as we have not tried to register her until complete, but we do have a certified copy of the the original Salop CC registration card NT9098 Private Fiat Tourer. NT was used from 1921 to 1927.

Seller: Doug Martin
Active at PWC since: 30-09-2010
Phone: 01207 544833

Details for Fiat 503 2 Seat Tourer 1927 for sale

Make: Fiat
Type: 503
Coach: 2 Seat Tourer
Year: 1927
Price: GBP 8500
Advert ID: 209692
Viewed: 738

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