De Dion-Bouton AV 2 seater - \'The Autocar\' 1907 for sale

Exceptionnally original 1907 De Dion. Most probably delivered in Uk, the car is bodied with a very pretty two seaters drophead car by 'The autocar' Westfield from Edinburgh. It is said that only 7 of these bodies were made by this company on De Dion Bouton cars and it is most likely the only remaining. This car was bought by a french enthusiast in 1995 from a lord living in a manor on Jersey island. The car was in the same good condition as today ! The car appeared in Georgano book page 70.This De Dion was then bought by an other enthusiast in 2013 before beeing partly exchanged for an other car in 2015. The car condition is unbelievable for a 110 years old car. - Original leather hood.- Original leather wings.- Original english lights and headlamp.- Original bodywork.- Original trim in excellent condition.- Original english stamped support for additionnal lights...The list is impressive !Come and see the car. One hour south from Calais. The car was recently inspected by Michael Edwards : the author of the well known book on DeDion ! He found it lovely and even considered for a while buying it for his own collection. I'm sure you can contact him to get his impressionNicely priced. Feel free to ask for extra pics. (Possible Part exchange)

Seller: Private
Active at PWC since: 03-08-2011
Location: FRANCE

Details for De Dion-Bouton AV 2 seater - \'The Autocar\' 1907 for sale

Make: De Dion-Bouton
Type: AV
Coach: 2 seater - \'The Autocar\'
Year: 1907
Price: On Request
Advert ID: 215476
Viewed: 1923

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