Ford Model T T Speedster 1914 for sale

The most fun you can ever have with a car is driving an open Speedster, specifically this 1914 Ford Model T Speedster. Dependable, reliable and quite powerful with its lightweight bodywork. I have owned many Speedsters over my life and this one has the earlier brass era appearance and classic design of early T’s.

I believe this one was built many many years ago and has always been garaged and maintained since built. I bought it a few years ago from long term family ownership to play with it and teach the kids how to drive one. In my ownership, I have installed a new radiator and cooling components and had the seat upholstered. It’s hand crank only, however it starts easily on 1 or 2 pulls every time. Runs on battery or magento. Lights are all Kerosene or acetylene. The carbide generator has a crack, so that will need to be repaired prior to using gas headlights. There is a simple conversion for LED lights should you choose.

I have no history on mechanics, however previous owner said his dad had it all rebuilt, however there are no records. Engine is 1914, wheels are 26-27 and unsure on what vintage rear axle is. Priced very reasonably for the amount of fun you’ll have!


Seller: Laferriere Classic Cars
Phone: 401.651.2295

Details for Ford Model T T Speedster 1914 for sale

Make: Ford Model T
Type: T
Coach: Speedster
Year: 1914
Price: USD 16500
Advert ID: 218262

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