MG MGTA Special 1937 for sale

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MG TA, 1937, brought to Austria by a British army officer in the 1940s.(Officially registered in Austria in 1948) Between 1945 and 1955 Britishtroops were stationed in Parts of Austria The car was left back in Austriaand became the first racing car of the young Erich Breinsberg.He raced in a few hill climb competitions, after the engine broke, hereplaced it with a Triumph mechanic and raced again, but he later focused onsmall formela series, where he was successful driver in the late 1960s.Breinsberg won the Formula V Europe-Championship, the Austrian Championshipand raced and won the Europe Gold Championship as well in Formula Super Vand the Trans Atlantic Challenge in Daytona/USA In his last years, he drove since 1967 in the racing team of Kurt Bergmanntogether with Dieter Quester (who focused on the European Touring CarChampionship and won it in 1969, later formula 1 Driver), Helmut Marko (wonLe Mans in 1971) and Niki Lauda.In 1969 he won the Austrian Formula Car Championship ahead of the almost 9years younger newcomer Niki Lauda. In a time were his teammates becamesuccessful at international races, Breinsberg, also a generation of racingdrivers older, retired from his active motorsport career, because of hiswife, the daughter of LIEWERS, the biggest Austrian Volkswagen Dealer andworked there in the following years as CEO.This TA was bought from \"AUTOHAUS LIEWERS\" in the year 1991. Has gotcomplete Austrian registration papers and a copy from the vehicle departmentof Vienna with the deregistration (probably to avoid taxes and insurance)from Erich Breinsberg dated 6. Aug. 1965.In 2015 I bought the parts of this car and had it shipped to Darren Goodgame from Brooklands BodyCraft. His magical hands crafted this beautiful car while the engine was completly rebuild and fine tuned by no one else than John Seeber.The engine is a straight 6 14hp with approx. 86 hp. The car is now registered in Germany. If you require any further details about the rebuild of the car or want to testride it please feel free to contact me.It is currently in England at Brooklands Bodycraft.

Seller: Private
Active at PWC since: 23-02-2017
Location: GERMANY

Details for MG MGTA Special 1937 for sale

Make: MG
Type: MGTA
Coach: Special
Year: 1937
Price: On Request
Advert ID: 218577
Viewed: 1416

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