Fiat Zero Roadster (CI-17) Coupe 1914 for sale

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The zero was a small family car. It came equipped with a 1.9 litre engine with 18 hp that could reach q top speed of 44 mph.This car was restored in the ACT in the 1980's and came to Victoria in the 1990's.It's body indicates that it is one of Fiats own body forms.Fitted with new radiator, new side curtains and new tonneau cover. Full history available.

Seller: Private
Active at PWC since: 19-03-2017
Phone: 61395608299

Details for Fiat Zero Roadster (CI-17) Coupe 1914 for sale

Make: Fiat
Type: Zero Roadster (CI-17)
Coach: Coupe
Year: 1914
Price: AUS 70000
Advert ID: 218847
Viewed: 2449

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