Alvis 12/70 Sports 2 seater 1939 for sale

When it comes to any special, whether it be a historically important one with Brooklands history or something a little more contemporary as in this case, it’s often important to find more about the man who conceived and importantly built it! That man was the late Lt. Cdr Robin Everall (1945-2013), a decorated retired Naval Helicopter pilot. When it comes to quality workmanship, nothing comes close to that produced by anyone with aviation in their blood, there are no second chances at 30,000 feet! On retirement Robin returned to his childhood home of the Cotswolds wanting something which he could do with others as part of a team as well as keeping him busy when alone. Robin had, for a long time, owned a Vintage Morgan 3-wheeler which he used to park next to his aircraft before take-off. However, a more fitting marque would be needed for the retired man of the sky, with the only option being the same as the more famous car loving man of the skies - Douglas Bader, well known for his love of Alvis cars. To that end Robin rented a very non-descript Nissen hut at Blockley (Cotswolds and home of a tyre company of the same name) and successfully and fastidiously restored a number cars including a couple of original 12/70, a Sliver Eagle and almost 2000 hours spent on a Speed 20 of Dan Geoghegan. Robin’s need for speed in the air was then channelled to terra firma and the competition scene of the VSCC where he swiftly made new friends and on track adversaries. This was the team aspect of his new life in retirement. Robin wasted no time enrolling in night college to learn the skills of all aspects of classic car restoration and these skills were honed on the cars he restored in the Nissen hut.His skills were put to good use when it came to his own car, which is the one I offer for sale today - DGD520 could be said to be his final college project and coursework. For me, I think Robin passed out of class with A++ and a full distinction!Robin duly purchased the parts he required soon after taking on the Nissen hut and set to work building and developing the ultimate 12/70 sports-racing car. The intervening build is covered by the extensive history files which accompany the car. The quality of the work just shouts at you as you take a moment to sit admiring the finer details. Robin’s time spent around aviation can been seen at every juncture but the one thing that stands out to me is that bodywork. Robin has taken on and owned the panel beating aspect of the restoration which is not an easy skill to learn or even master, but master it he has. He took pride in showing off his skill by polishing the car and what an accomplishment it is!Robin Also under took all the chassis development to the 12/70 and underpinned the 2.8 litre 6-cylinder engine which was extensively modified and incorporates a fully counterbalanced shell-bearing crankshaft, lightweight flywheel, hydraulic racing clutch, forged aluminium racing pistons, lightweight con-rods, special pushrods, and special valves and springs. Induction is via triple SU bronze-bodied carburettors and a tuned stainless steel exhaust system gives a satisfactory chorus. Cooling is aided by a large-capacity aluminium radiator, with high-capacity water pump. A full specification listing is available together with a complete photographic record of the car's no-expense-spared construction. The gearbox is a close ratio full synchromesh affair. Following the completion of DGD520 in 2007, she was extensively campaigned in hill climbs and circuit races by Robin who was an enthusiastic and respected VSCC member. The pairing was highly successful in the many prestigious events contested, winning at Mallory Park, Silverstone and Prescott. It was also a member of the winning team at the 2008 2-hour relay race at Donnington, and in 2009 won the 'Ruth Hulbert Memorial Trophy’ (presented at the CARDS dinner which I attended the Friday evening before VSCC ‘Spring Start’). It is the premier Alvis racing award, and Robin took the award with a record haul of championship points. In 2010 'DGD 520' received the VSCC's 'Silver Con-Rod Trophy for the best-presented car at Prescott. Sadly, ill health due to a weakening heart and then a stroke meant that DGD520 needed a new home this new home was found shortly before Robin’s passing. Admittedly has been through a few hands since, most defiantly now looking for a long-term dance partner in VSCC competition or a few long distances international rallies. Ready for any inspection and test drive at our Foxfields Showroom.


Seller: Tom Hardman Limited
Phone: 01756719056

Details for Alvis 12/70 Sports 2 seater 1939 for sale

Make: Alvis
Type: 12/70
Coach: Sports 2 seater
Year: 1939
Price: On Request
Advert ID: 222724
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