Packard Single Six Tourer 1922 for sale

Rare opportunity a Very Original 1922 Packard Single Six 5 seat Touring car, engine has been stripped down, new Bearings, etc, running very well,runs at the correct Temperature, will need careful running in, Everything works, lovely light steering, 4 brand new Tyres, car is too nice to restore use as is lovely oily rag condition, after all they are only original once, might part x 50s-60s open sports
Option also on substantial spares package.
CALL STALL G346 BEAULIEU opposite the press tent

Seller: Private
Active at PWC since: 01-01-2009

Details for Packard Single Six Tourer 1922 for sale

Make: Packard
Type: Single Six
Coach: Tourer
Year: 1922
Price: GBP 30000
Advert ID: 224057
Viewed: 776

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