Ford Model A 1931 for sale

Henry Ford’s success with the Model T literally put America on wheels, but when the time came to retire the “Tin Lizzie” many held their collective breath over what would follow in its footsteps. The answer came on December 2, 1927 as the Ford Model A made its nationwide debut. The Model A proved to be a worthy successor to the T and the motoring public loved it. The Model A had every bit of Ford’s reliability while also proving to be a very stylish car. Versatility was also the key to the A’s success as they were offered in roadsters, sedans, coupes, and even a town car. For the family that wanted a bit more style Ford offered the Deluxe Phaeton. With comfortable seating the phaeton offered reliable transportation at an affordable price. As Model A’s go, very few are rare, but in late 1930 Ford introduced a Deluxe phaeton with a body by Briggs. Offering just a bit more styling and comfort than the average Model A, the Briggs phaeton was a cut above the rest and was just the car for the family with style.​Offered here is a great example of this rare car in the way of a 1931 Deluxe phaeton with black wire wheels that has several interesting features and a known history. This is a largely original condition car that was built in late 1931 as evidenced by the indented firewall that was unique to the later model year cars. It still wears its Briggs body tag and it’s also fitted with a high-compression “B” police head that dramatically increases performance. This phaeton has never been fully restored and has received only the care and maintenance needed in order to preserve its mechanical condition and appearance. It also features a rare accessory APCO steering column mounted oil pressure and temperature gauge cluster. This phaeton originally came from Rhode Island and made its way to Connecticut where it was owned by a single family until 2008. Its current owner commissioned new brakes, wheel bearings, a new clutch, and a complete rebuild of the transmission and it runs today exactly as it should. As a rare Briggs body car this Model A has several nifty accessories including the flying quail hood ornament, folding windshield, bucket seats, top saddles, side mounted spare tire wit chrome cover, a trunk rack, longer doors, and adjustable driver’s seat. With all of these special features this Ford is certainly one of the sportiest of all Model As’. Ford offered a total of 12 different body styles on the Model A, but the rarity of this one makes it different than all the rest. This example with its attention to authenticity and excellent reliability makes it a great touring car while also being a big attention getter on the show field. For collectors of fine early Ford cars, this Briggs bodied phaeton is an unusual Model A that does not disappoint.

Auction: Dragone's Lime Rock Auction September 3rd
Seller: Dragone Auctions
Phone: +1 203.335.4643

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Make: Ford
Type: Model A
Year: 1931
Price: Auction
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