Packard Twelve 2-4 Coupe 1934 for sale

Very original and complete. Shows 88,000 miles which we believe are correct. Original interior. It runs and drives great but the original cosmetics need refreshing. The wood is solid and there is no apparent rust. It was painted once in 1984. All the moving panels fit properly. Please call for a complete and 100% honest description. Close up detailed photos available to a serious buyer. The car is an hour north of San Francisco.

Seller: Private
Active at PWC since: 05-12-2010

Details for Packard Twelve 2-4 Coupe 1934 for sale

Make: Packard
Type: Twelve
Coach: 2-4 Coupe
Year: 1934
Price: USD 215000
Advert ID: 225215
Viewed: 456

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