Citroën 5HP Cabriolet 1925 for sale

This is the 2-seat version with a full hood and lift-up side windows and is right hand drive. The car may be viewed in Oxfordshire. VSCC Buff form and is LCES eligible. It is a very original example and of low total mileage, having spent most of its life in the hands of the same family in Scotland, and was laid up for a lengthy period. It still has the Dingwall dealer's plate on the bulkhead. The pictures show that the engine number matches (7.5HP is the RAC rating for the UK market). Recent work includes rebuilt magneto, & dynamo, rewire, new petrol tank. Starts easily and runs well. There is a spare cylinder head and a spare back axle, as well as a spare magneto and the original tank. I will also include copies of user manuals and parts lists in French and English, an original French users manual and the definitive book on the 5HP (in French) by Bernard Laurent, plus an engine gasket set. Many re-manufactured spares for these cars are readily available from French and other suppliers and there is a good support group in the UK. I've bought back the first car I owned and need the space!.

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Details for Citroën 5HP Cabriolet 1925 for sale

Make: Citroën
Type: 5HP
Coach: Cabriolet
Year: 1925
Price: GBP 12500
Advert ID: 225299
Viewed: 215

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