Humber 11 HP 1912 for sale

1912 Humber 11hpOffered for sale a superb Edwardian Humber 11hp rolling project.In 1912 Humber introduced a new model, the 11 h.p , this was an advanced model and the first Humber had ever produced with a four cylinder Monobloc, up until that point Humber had cast their cylinders blocks in pairs. With wire wheels and both foot operated transmission brake and a handbrake operating rear drums, the 11 h.p offered quality and comparative performance to the Edwardian purchaser, indeed during 1912-14 a special bodied 11hp broke a number of records at Brooklands , the 14hp model gaining 1st place in the March 1913 Easter sprint race.Now reluctantly for sale due to other projects, chassis no. D482 has undergone a huge amount of work by its previous, knowledgeable owner, who discovered the car in Australia.The chassis has been stripped and overhauled, rebuilt front and rear axles, road springs, gearbox and the 810x90 beaded edge wheels blasted, the engine has been overhauled by Crankshaft Rebuilders of Blackburn Australia and works included crack testing of crank, grinding big ends and mains, de burring oil holes and testing for bend, pistons and rods were cleaned, block was stripped and cleaned, white metal of bearings and cleaning of crankcase, the head was cleaned and decoked along with valves checked and sorted.The steering box has also been rebuilt and the steering now only requires a simple column to be made (tube with key way).The car also comes with its delightfully original Brass radiator and four crates of spares and other parts to aid its rebuild, including some old body panels, two wings to be used as patterns and a nicely louvered original bonnet.A rare car with much work completed that offers the next owner the opportunity and satisfaction to return an Edwardian Humber to the road once more, not to mention the chance, to perhaps re-body the car in the style of one of the special bodied cars that competed at Brooklands.It could also form the perfect basis of an Aero-engined Edwardian special so often seen at VSCC and more recently at Goodwood member’s meetings.

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Details for Humber 11 HP 1912 for sale

Make: Humber
Type: 11 HP
Year: 1912
Price: GBP 15550
Advert ID: 225538
Viewed: 636

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