Dodge Brothers Roadster 1917 for sale

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This 1917 Dodge Brothers Roadster has the tried and tested four cylinder ‘monobloc’ engine of 98mm bore and 114mm stroke, giving a capacity of 3439.6cc and a R.A.C power output of 23.8hp. There is a three speed gear box, and the general idea is to get the car into top gear as soon as possible, with which it will cruise comfortably at 45 mph all day, or cope with town traffic at 5 mph; the torque produced by the engine makes light work of all but the very steepest hills. This car is robustly constructed, simple to maintain, and easy to start (with an autostart fitted) and drive.

This particular vehicle was imported into the UK some years ago by a Sussex based stalwart of the Veteran Car Club, who ensured that it was always maintained in top condition, much of the work completed by NP Veteran Engineering, and always ready for the road. The current owner has continued the same approach: the quiet running of the engine and back axle, the smooth gear change and the immediate start on the turn of the key, all attest to the general high standard of this example. The hood is in perfect condition and easy to erect, and all electrical items work perfectly.

Seller: Michael Edwards
Active at PWC since: 28-02-2015
Phone: 07500003926

Details for Dodge Brothers Roadster 1917 for sale

Make: Dodge Brothers
Type: Roadster
Year: 1917
Price: GBP 16950
Advert ID: 225671
Viewed: 430

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