Sunbeam 14/40 Sunbeam 2 seater & dickey 1925 for sale

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This car has been owned by the same family since 15/3/1989. It has competed in the odd VSCC rally over the years.
The current mileage reads 66500 and is unwarranted.
The car has carried several different registration numbers over the years and the current one emanates from a period when the car was with a motor trader near Market Harborough known as MotoSpot from memory. The number was previously on a Morris Minor and it is unknown why a transfer was made at the time but the Morris possibly emigrated to the USA.
Previous numbers are MN 7126 Isle of Mann, PMA 979, HSV 957
In August 1998 the crankshaft was reground and the mains and big ends re-white metaled. A number of new bearings were fitted to the gearbox at this time. The odometer reading was then 62775.

The car has been maintained primarily by my Father and me. The engine is fitted with a full flow oil filter and hydraulic timing chain tensioners. The fan mounting is not original but there is a new un-machined casting with the car.

There is a lot of paperwork with the car including old MOTs etc.
There are also photo copies of the handbook and workshop manual

Seller: Private
Active at PWC since: 01-01-2009

Details for Sunbeam 14/40 Sunbeam 2 seater & dickey 1925 for sale

Make: Sunbeam
Type: 14/40
Coach: Sunbeam 2 seater & dickey
Year: 1925
Price: GBP 35000
Advert ID: 226266
Viewed: 317

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