Carteret 1921 for sale

1921 Carteret Cyclecar. Probably the only survivor. Made in Paris circa 1920-22. Ruby engine, originally friction drive but fitted with conventional gearbox many years ago. Interesting specification with rack and pinion steering and cantilever rear springs. Original body and wings, all restored, engine rebuilt with new pistons, etc.. Needs clutch adjustment and some minor fettling. For sale due to owner having to many other motor cars! French carte grise and NOVA acquired but not UK registered.

Seller: Mike Tebbett
Active at PWC since: 01-01-2009
Phone: 00 44 16 84 56 33 15

Details for Carteret 1921 for sale

Make: Carteret
Year: 1921
Price: GBP 18000
Advert ID: 226710
Viewed: 212

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