Royal Enfield frame + parts for Royal Enfield

A long shot, but I'm seeking a set of girder forks for the above.
Enfield/Motosacoche both marketed this bike (Enfield cycle parts, Motosacoche engine, 26\"x2\" tyres), Motosacoche often have twin side spring Druid forks, Enfield used their own single spring fork. I am looking for the single spring type. These are very similar to the later 1913-1920 425cc v twin forks (26\"x2 1/2\" tyres), but those are wider for the larger tyre size.
I do have a pair of the later 425cc fork blades that I believe to be new old stock. THESE ARE NOT FOR SALE but are available as part exchange for the correct items.
The correct forks at the centre spindle measure 3.75 inches (95mm) wide, centre to centre of the fork leg tubes.
You may see different versions of this ad elsewhere - I'm trying everywhere I can think of!

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Details for Royal Enfield frame + parts for Royal Enfield

Manufacturer: Royal Enfield
Make: Royal Enfield
Type: Model 160 Girder forks
Quality: used
Year: 1910-1930
Price: Wanted
Advert ID: 226718
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