Jackson Olympic 5-Passenger Touring 1913 for sale

116" wheelbase, One of only a couple known in the world. Especially significant due to low original miles from new and incredible level of documentation. Under 2500 original miles with loads of paperwork all the way back to 1913 when the car was new. All ownership history, correspondence between owners throughout the years and more. The car starts and runs beautifully. Ideal preservation candidate for any major show. Perhaps the most original, low mile and highly documented original car (from any manufacturer) from the era in existence. A very signifiant opportunity.

Seller: Private
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Details for Jackson Olympic 5-Passenger Touring 1913 for sale

Make: Jackson
Type: Olympic
Coach: 5-Passenger Touring
Year: 1913
Price: USD 70000
Advert ID: 226821
Viewed: 514
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