Hotchkiss AM 2 Sport Saloon 1929 for sale

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I bought this in Holland just over 4 years ago and drove it back to Yorkshire. It was part of a private collection. Previous to that it belonged for many years to a large Saab main agent in Holland. It drove well but not much in the way of brakes. There were no window winders, the drivers door had a small ring spanner to work the window! All good fun. The headlamps were from a Mercedes 170 of 1950's vintage as \"Flat glassed headlamps are not permitted in Holland. There were no 'stays'/ door checks. The simple things I have rectified after sourcing appropriate parts. The headlamps are Nickel Plated Parisian 'BESNARD' type 44's. Checking the wheel bearings, the offside rear had a touch of play. This in turn had caused to oil seal to be come slightly oval and hence the real axle leaked oil onto the rear brake shoes. Taking advice from the excellent British Hotchkiss Society, I stripped both rear hub assemblies and had these machined down to take a modern oil seal. Super job. I re-made the leather seal and relined the rear shoes with proper brake material. These do need bedding in when she goes back on the road. As do the rear brakes need adjusting when used. The rear offside bearing had play in it and was replaced with a new German quality bearing made by FAG. Very easily obtained from my local supplier. The original had the date 28:12:28 (1928) when it was made. Rear axle oil change and ready to go.
I have fitted a new triplex front screen ( it was cracked). A new radiator cap was made in s/s steel. Various parts I have had made. The French Autovac is with the car but the previous owner had fitted an S.U. pump. so I have fitted a clear glass fuel bowl as seen in the pictures. There were some strange inner tubes with all metal valves, I have replace 4x with new heavy gauge tubes. The body is really sound, the chassis is built like a tank in superb condition. All the doors close well with no drop as I recall. The headlining is good and all the windows wind up and down. Full instrument panel which seems original to me.
The woolen seat covers had suffered minor moth damage when I bought her which I treated. I had thought to recover in a light heather tartan but if the new owner feels the need to recover, the choice is theirs. I would be happy to use as it is. When I took it out to local events, nobody noticed or they were too polite to say. Everything is really solid and quality as you would expect. Paintwork is sound with one area on the nearside front wing that I would have repainted as it is sound but has a 'funny' finish, only a small job. I have probably forgotten somethings. It is four cylinder with coil / distributor ignition. It was around this time Hotchkiss changed from Magneto to Coil. I have 2 magnetos in a box which are correct if you want a mag but these have been checked out and need a rewind prior to re-assembly.
It is a lovely character car which drove beautifully when coming back from Holland and after. A big steering wheel makes for lighter steering. Any questions ? Oh yes, when I bought it it was a 1927 car but when I joined the Hotchkiss Society it transpired it was 1929 ! Still vintage though. J.M. I forgot, there are two extra fold up seats for occasional use. They are very stylish heavy nickel plated frames. To use they would need simple sockets made to hold them to the rear compartment floor.
As an aside, I turned the electrics on, up pumped the petrol. I pulled the starter and she turned over but \"no go\". I pulled the choke about halfway, another try and off she went, straight into life. Nice and smooth and steady. First time I have started her in about two years and on old petrol. I was impressed hopefully you will be ?

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Details for Hotchkiss AM 2 Sport Saloon 1929 for sale

Make: Hotchkiss
Type: AM 2
Coach: Sport Saloon
Year: 1929
Price: GBP 16000
Advert ID: 227889
Viewed: 605

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