Panhard et Levassor X7 Rothschild & Co. 1910 for sale

The early life of chassis 26021 in America has been lost to history. By the early 1960s, it had been acquired by Long Island collector Walter McCarthy. It came with two bodies, the landaulet it now wears, and a tourer. McCarthy restored it with the touring body, sourcing missing items as necessary. He toured with it extensively, as described in the car’s chapter in Bob Stubenrauch’s 1967 book The Fun of Old Cars.
Walt McCarthy sold the car to Bob Scarsella of Cold Spring Harbor, New York, who re-installed the landaulet body. It subsequently was in the collections of Helmut Peitz in Portugal and Abba Kogan in the UK. It was then acquired by Coburn Benson of Limerick, Maine, who had the engine disassembled, cleaned, re-babbited and align-bored by a local machinist. Benson sold it to the current owner, who had the engine re-assembled by Rich Fazio in Bridgewater, Maine. The interior, which had become very moth-eaten, was replaced in the current style by Terri Crew.

The car starts easily and runs well, the task made easier by the unobtrusive installation of an electric starter. It idles smoothly and drives well through the gears. The clutch has been disassembled and cleaned, and operates very smoothly. An older restoration, with the exception of the interior, the car has the elegance of wisdom and the patina of age. The collapsing rear roof is nothing short of elegant; the lowering side windows exhibit woodworking at its best. Rare when new, it is certainly unmatched today, particularly in the United States. As such, it represents an uncommon opportunity to acquire an exceptional Brass Era car to show or drive.

Offered at $98,000.USD


Seller: Laferriere Classic Cars
Phone: 401.651.2295

Details for Panhard et Levassor X7 Rothschild & Co. 1910 for sale

Make: Panhard et Levassor
Type: X7
Coach: Rothschild & Co.
Year: 1910
Price: USD 98000
Advert ID: 227894

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