MG PA Sports 1934 for sale

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This car has been well maintained and looked after.
The MG was supplied by University Motors in 1935. It was originally an Airline Coupe but was restored and re-bodied in the late 1970's as a 2 seater.

During the past 12 years the engine has been rebuilt with Pheonix crank and rods and the head rebuilt using a Baynton Jones camshaft and Colin Teich rockers and bearings, the engine shows excellent oil pressure. The wheels were replaced 15 years ago with new ones and Blockley tyres fitted 5 years ago. New cast iron brake drums have also been fitted. The electrics have been renewed and a cut out switch fitted just behind the driver’s seat. The diff has been rebuilt (new bearings and half shafts).
The car has a full hood and a new tonneau cover was fitted last year.

The car has been well maintained and looked after. It is not a concourse but can be enjoyed immediately and driven.

Seller: Private
Active at PWC since: 06-11-2017

Details for MG PA Sports 1934 for sale

Make: MG
Type: PA
Coach: Sports
Year: 1934
Price: GBP 26950
Advert ID: 229402
Viewed: 515

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