Ford Model T/A Trials 1925 for sale

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1925/29 Ford Model T/A1925/29 Ford Model T/A Trials special \"Florence\" for sale, currently with Buff form and V5 registration document. T chassis, 8' wheelbase, A engine and gearbox, set back. T front and rear axles narrowed to 4' track, rear only brakes, wire wheels, very light front end, light body. Spare wheel, battery and fuel tank in rear of car so very good front/rear weight distribution. Soft suspension, big Michelin DD's on rear, narrow Avons on front wheels. Standard A engine so great torque, \"plonks\" and climbs very well. \"Flo\" has completed 3 non vscc shakedown trials since built, the last, the 2017 Yorkshire Dales Trial, Flo was equal 1st after the observed sections but ended 2nd overall loosing out on the timed section to Dean Partington's 200bhp Toyota engined special. A pretty amazing result! One of the few cars that is capable of winning VSCC and ACTC trials. Built to be purposful rather than pretty! For sale at £23,000 ono (less than she cost to build). Peter Kite, 07989402205, or Peter KitePhone: 07989402205Email:

Seller: Peter Kite
Active at PWC since: 29-11-2017
Phone: 01243513944

Details for Ford Model T/A Trials 1925 for sale

Make: Ford
Type: Model T/A
Coach: Trials
Year: 1925
Price: GBP 23000
Advert ID: 230351
Viewed: 454

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