MG J2 Sport 1933 for sale

1933MG J2 Sport

MG J2 Excellent with V5c and Matching numbers.

Original Registration JJ 9248.
Fitted with cycle wings.
The car has had a full nut and bolt Restoration.
Full Engine Rebuild by professional MG Man.

New Engine block,pistons ,crank rods ETC.

New side screens,New Hood ,New Tonneau,New trim.
New dash with Fully Rebuilt Instruments.
All new Chrome
All new Wiring
Just as it would for having a Full Restoration.

Seller: Tony Gould
Active at PWC since: 23-06-2010

Details for MG J2 Sport 1933 for sale

Make: MG
Type: J2
Coach: Sport
Year: 1933
Price: GBP 42000
Advert ID: 231416
Viewed: 516

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