Peugeot 190S Weymann 1927 for sale

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Rare 2 Door Peugeot 190 S Coach with Weymann bodywork (1927)
Original car with minimal restoration, engine has been completely overhauled and is in perfect working condition. Seats and trim have been restored and tires are new.

Coach Peugeot 190 S rare de 1927 avec une carrosserie Weymann.
Etat d'origine, très bon état de fonctionnement, sellerie restaurée, pneus neufs.

Seller: Dealer
Location: FRANCE
Phone: +33493121369

Details for Peugeot 190S Weymann 1927 for sale

Make: Peugeot
Type: 190S
Coach: Weymann
Year: 1927
Price: EUR 6000
Advert ID: 59129

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