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Case Antique / Vintage / Pre-war Cars for Sale TOO LATE

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view Case Model O touring 1914 for sale TOO LATE Case Model O touring 1914   US   TOO LATE
Barn fresh Case 40 hp chassis, fenders and body parts ready for complete restoration. This is 1 of about 8 known to exist. It is a very large, heavy well made car by the J.I.CASE Threshing Machine C
view Case 40HP Model M Touring Car 5 Passenger Touring 1912 for sale TOO LATE Case 40HP Model M Touring Car 5 Passenger Touring 1912   USA   TOO LATE
A supurb brass-era tourer with a powerful 40HP T-head motor. Older restoration and ready to tour!
view Case Racer 1913 for sale TOO LATE Case   Racer 1913   USA   TOO LATE
Project of all the correct parts to confect the Case Tornado race car.The chassis is a 1911 with a Wisconsin T head 6 cylinder of 595 ci.The axles are the 100hp Weston Mott dual internal brake rear an

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