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Chrysler for Sale - Antique / Vintage / Pre-war Chrysler Cars for Sale

Chrysler 1924 – present: Walter Chrysler left Buick, bought Maxwell and Chalmers and set out to make his own cars. The Chrysler was an instant success, thanks to its nice design, price and performances. In 1928 Chrysler took over Doge and started two new makes: Plymouth and De Soto. Chrysler was not only progressive in technical features (automatic clutches, Floating Power engine mountinges etc.) but also in design. The 1934 streamlined Airflow was almost revolutionary but sales were low. Chrysler had some racing successes, e.g. at Le Mans. Company: Chrysler Corporation – Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, USA Models: B-70; F-58; G-70; E-80; Series 58; Series 60; Series 70; Series 80 (Imperial); Series 52; Series 62; Series 72; Series 80L; Series 65; Series 75; Series 80 L (Imperial); Series 66; Series 77; Series CD (Deluxe); Series CG; Series CJ; Series CM; Series CI; Series CP; Series CH; Series CL; Series CO; Series CT; Series CQ; Wimbledon; Kew; Series CA/CB; Series CY; Airflow: Series CY, CU, CV, C-1, C-9, C-17; Imperial Airflow: Series CX, CW, C-2, C-10; Croydon; Airstream: Series C-6, CZ, C-7; Imperial Custom Airflow: Series C-3, C-11; Deluxe Airstream: Series C-8; Royal: Series C-16, C-18, C-22; Imperial: Series C-14, C-19, C-23, Series C-37; Imperial Custom/Custom Imperial: Series C-15, C-20, C-24; New Yorker; Saratoga; N.Y. Highlander; Series C-25; Series C-26; Crown Imperial: Series C-27, C-33; Series 28; Series 30; Series C-34; Series C-36 Coachbuilders: LeBaron; Locke; Dietrich People: Walter Chrysler; Carl Breer; Fred Zeder; Owen Skelton Most famous car: Airflow Sedan 1934

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Latest PostWar Classics for sale

1961 Chrysler Imperial Convertible Chrysler Imperial Convertible 1961 DE EUR 108950 Dealer

Chrysler Imperial Convertible 1961 for sale

With a production total of just 429 cars is the Imperial Crown Convertible a unique collectors item!

The model from 1961 still has the impressive tail fins and after 1961 they were gone.
1957 Chrysler Imperial Crown Convertible Chrysler Imperial Crown Convertible 1957 DE EUR 89950 Dealer

Chrysler Imperial Crown Convertible 1957 for sale

A Chrysler Imperial was the most luxurious car in his time and has become a true collectors item since there were only 1167 of it produced and that\'s because it is very hard to find in a good conditi...
1960 Chrysler 300F Chrysler 300F   1960 US USD 79500 Dealer

Chrysler 300F 1960 for sale

Introduced in 1955 as the C-300, Chrysler's 300-series was an entirely new concept in luxury high performance full-size automobiles. It proved to be a lasting success, evolving in subsequent years' al...
1949 Chrysler New Yorker Highlander Convertible Chrysler New Yorker Highlander Convertible 1949 US USD 64900 Dealer

Chrysler New Yorker Highlander Convertible 1949 for sale



1 OF ONLY 1,137 BUILT!


1954 Chrysler Town & Country Chrysler Town & Country Wagon 1954 US USD 59500 Dealer

Chrysler Town & Country Wagon 1954 for sale

Chrysler built only 1,100 New Yorker Town & Country station wagons in 1954 and this must surely be one of the finest examples in the world. It is powered by Chrysler's famed 331 cubic inch Hemispheric...

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