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Hispano-Suiza (E) for Sale - Antique / Vintage / Pre-war Hispano-Suiza (E) Cars for Sale

Hispano-Suiza (E) 1904 - 1944: The first Hispano-Suiza arose from the Castro car which was one of the first designs by Birkigt. Until the H6 was presented in France, all Hispano models originated from Spain. Among them the famous Alfons XIII named after the Spanish king who had several Hispano-Suizas. Company: La Hispano-Suiza Fábrica de Automóviles S.A. - Gran Farinera, La Sagrera (Barcelona), Spain. Models: 10hp; 14/16hp; 20/30hp; 40hp; 60/75hp; 12/15hp; 20/30hp; 24/30hp; 30/40hp; 60/65hp; 15/45hp Alfonso XIII; 15/20hp; 20/30hp; 16hp Barcelona; Tipo 21; Tipo 22; Tipo 23; Tipo 26; Tipo 30; H6B (Spanish version); Tipo 48; Tipo 49; Tipo 56; Tipo 60; Tipo 64 Coachbuilders: Abadal; Capella; Reynes; Roqueta; Forcada People: Marc Birkigt; Damián Mateu Most famous car: Alfonso XIII twoseater c. 1913

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Hispano-Suiza (E) H6B Dual Cowl Phaeton 1926 for sale Hispano-Suiza (E) H6B Dual Cowl Phaeton 1926   DE   On Request Cargold Collection Beuerberg

Hispano-Suiza (E) H6B Dual Cowl Phaeton 1926 for sale

Horse Power: 135 / Cylinder Capacity: 6597 / Cylinder: 6Delivery in Barcelona, Spain, where the car still was registered in the `80s.Original, spanish ownership and inspection documents from 1963 and

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