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Isotta Fraschini for Sale - Antique / Vintage / Pre-war Isotta Fraschini Cars for Sale

Isotta-Fraschini 1902 - 1949: Isotta-Fraschini started with Renault-based models. They were almost definitely taken over by Lorraine-Dietrich but became independent again in 1909. Before the Great War some very powerful smaller models were offered (some still with chain drive during the 1910s) but after 1918 there was a one-model policy and the huge cars became among the most exclusive, competing with Hispano-Suiza and others. Pioneers in straight-eight engines, four-wheel-brakes, and ohc. Company: Fabbrica Automobili Isotta Fraschini - Via Monterosa, Milano, Italy Models: 12hp; 35hp; 50/65hp; AN 20/30hp; B 28/35hp; C; D; FENC; ENC; I; KM 100hp; TM; TC; Tipo 8; Tipo 8A; Tipo 8ASS; Tipo 8B Coachbuilders: Sala; Castagna; LeBaron; Fleetwood People: Cesare Isotta; Vincenzo Fraschini; Oreste Fraschini; Giustino Cattaneo Most famous car: Tipo 8A SS (Super Spinto) with Castagna roadster body, late 1920s

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Isotta Fraschini 8A SS Cabriolet Commodore  1928 for sale Isotta Fraschini 8A SS Cabriolet Commodore 1928   DE   On Request Thiesen Hamburg GmbH

Isotta Fraschini 8A SS Cabriolet Commodore 1928 for sale

Founded in 1900, the early production Società Milanese Automobili Isotta, Fraschini & C. focused on high horsepower cars; these were veritable fire-breathers that achieved celebrity in the crucible o

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