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Kissel Antique / Vintage / Pre-war Cars for Sale TOO LATE

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view Kissel 6-45 Speedster 1922 for sale TOO LATE Kissel 6-45 Speedster 1922   USA   TOO LATE
Gold bug speedster,rumble seat,rear jack storage compartment, bumper mounted trunk,dual side mounted spares.6 cyl. Only 150 complete Kissels exist. This car was owned by musician Jackson Barnhart and
view Kissel Gold Bug Speedster 1920 for sale TOO LATE Kissel Gold Bug Speedster 1920   GB   TOO LATE
The Speedster was road tested by Michael Bowler of The Automobile magazine earlier this year. Summed-up by Mr Bowler as "a charming touring car" albeit one that is "more upper-Edwardian than Vintage",
view Kissel Speedster 1926 for sale TOO LATE Kissel Speedster   1926   USA   TOO LATE
Restored original cowl and new speedster body, needs restoration finished, missing seat springs, about 90% complete.
view Kissel Model 40 Touring 1914 for sale TOO LATE Kissel Model 40 Touring   1914   USA   TOO LATE
32hp, four-cylinder engine, three-speed selective sliding manual transmission with reverse, solid front and rear axles with semi-elliptic leaf springs, and four-wheel drum brakes. Wheelbase: 121Two br
view Kissel Curtiss D 12 racing aero special none 1925 for sale TOO LATE Kissel Curtiss D 12 racing aero special none 1925   USA   TOO LATE
Curtiss D12 1145 ci. V12 475hp @2250. Engine type winner of Schneider Cup. Broke all speed records. Surely the best V12 available to create an aero special. Chassis is of a 1925 Kissel Gold Bug eight

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