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Locomobile for Sale - Antique / Vintage / Pre-war Locomobile Cars for Sale

Locomobile 1899 - 1929: The first Locomobiles were steam cars and identical to the Stanley Steamer of those days. The light runabouts were not really well-built but nevertheless they sold well. From mid 1904 Locomobile only offered petrol cars. The company started to enter cars in races, with some success. In 1911 the famous Model 48 (six-cylinder T-head engine) was introduced and it would still be listed in 1929! Locmomobiles got very expensive, huge and popular among the rich and famous. Financial problems followed soon after the Great War and in 1920 Locomobile became part, with Mercer and Simplex, of Hare’s Motors. In 1922 William Durant took over and he added some smaller models to the range. Alas, the make had lost its lustre and the Wall Street Crash put an end to the Locomobile company. Company: Locomobile Company of America – Seaside Park, Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA Models: steam: Style 2; 02; 3; 03; 003; 5; 05; Model A; Model B; petrol: 9 hp; 16 hp; Model C; Model D; Model E; Model F; Model H; Model I; Model 30; Model 40; Model 48; Model 38; Junior 8; Model 90; Model 8-80; Model 8-70; Model 88 Coachbuilders: Derham; Farnum and Nelson People: Andrew Riker; Samuel Davis; Frank de Causse; William Durant Most famous car: Model 48 Sportif c. 1921

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Locomobile 30 Torpedo Touring 1912 for sale Locomobile 30 Torpedo Touring 1912   US   On Request Laferriere Classic Cars

Locomobile 30 Torpedo Touring 1912 for sale

This wonderful example of an early Locomobile has been fully gone through with touring as the focus. Pressurized oil system, updated larger oil pan, starter added, oil filter etc. Wheels fully rebui
Locomobile Model 48 Roadster 1919 for sale Locomobile Model 48 Roadster 1919   US   USD 199000 Hyman Ltd.

Locomobile Model 48 Roadster 1919 for sale

In 1911, Locomobile of Bridgeport, Connecticut introduced the Model 48, a car that would remain in production for an incredible 18 years. Large, comfortable and quiet, it was built with the highest le
Locomobile 48 serie 7  1924 for sale Locomobile 48 serie 7   1924   BE   On Request Beerens Classic Division

Locomobile 48 serie 7 1924 for sale

This mighty 8.6 litre machine seems to be rescued out of a fire somewhere in the past. We liked this patina so much we dicided to keep it original. Mechanically this car was completely looked after in

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