Lozier 1905 - 1918: Lozier was a large bicycle manufacturer at the end of the 19th century, when they started to experiment with a small steam car. Serious production of cars, only gasoline, did not start until 1905 after the comapny’s engineers had studied some topclass European models extenisvely. The Lozier was a car of great luxury, reliability and performance. The company succesfully entered cars for the Vanderbilt Cup and the Indianapolis 500. Production rose and in 1910 Lozier moved to a bigger factory in Detroit. However, this also meant the beginning of management problems and several reorganizations and take-overs. Company: Lozier Motor Company – Plattsburgh, New York, USA & Mack Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, USA Models: B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; 46; 51; 72; 77; 82; 84; Briarcliff; Lakewood; Meadowbrook; Riverside; Knickerbocker Berlin; Montclair Coachbuilders: – People: Henry Lozier; Harry Lozier; George Burwell; John Perrin; Harry Jewett; Joseph Gilbert; Frederick Chandler Most famous car: H Briarcliff touring c. 1909

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Lozier   1905 wanted Lozier   1905   US   Wanted Private

Lozier 1905 wanted

Looking to build a Lozier. I need any parts available. I am willing to pay for leads that result in locating needed parts. I really need a frame, motor, front and rear axles, and a transmission. W

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