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Marmon for Sale - Antique / Vintage / Pre-war Marmon Cars for Sale

Marmon 1902 - 1933: Most Marmons were rather big and expensive cars. Marmon was a pioneer in the use of aluminium and 16 cylinder engines. A 'junior edition' was named Roosevelt but it had only a short existence. Company: Marmon Motor Car Co. Morris Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA Models: A; B; C35; D36; M37; 32; 34; 41; 48; 74; 75; L; R; 68; 69; 78; 79; 8-125; Big Eigth; Sixteen Coachbuilders: LeBaron; Hayes People: Howard Marmon; Walter Marmon; George Williams Most famous car: Wasp (winner of the first Indianapolis 500 in 1911)

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Marmon 68 Limousine 1929 for sale Marmon 68 Limousine 1929   DE   On Request Classic Centrum Zwickau

Marmon 68 Limousine 1929 for sale

This Marmon 68 is equipped with an 3 liter 8-cylinder engine with a power of 72 hp. The car is well preserved in its original. There are many nice details in the interior and interesting technical fea
Marmon Model 34  1921 for sale Marmon Model 34   1921   DK   EUR 47000 Viklit Graae Jørgensen

Marmon Model 34 1921 for sale

This very powerful , 6 cyl. car was sold new in either Los Angeles or San francisco.( the dealer had 2 showrooms). The body is factory made. You could order it , but not many were sold.The car has an

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