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National US for Sale - Antique / Vintage / Pre-war National US Cars for Sale

National 1900 - 1924: During the first three years of its existence, National only built (small) electric cars. By 1906 the National Electric was taken from the market and only petrol cars were offered. The company started to take part in endurance runs and sports events; in 1912 they won the Indianapolis 500. Meanwhile, National had included, as one of the first car builders, an impressive six-cylinder model in their range. In 1916 they would also be one of the first with a twelve-cylinder model. A merger with Dixie Flyer and Jackson couldn’t prevent the downfall of National in 1924. Company: National Motor Vehicle Company – E. 22nd Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA Models: electric: Model 50; Model 55; Model 60; Model 65; Model 70; Model 75; Model 85; Model 90; Model 100; Model 110; Model 135; petrol: Model A; Model B; Model C; Model D; Model E; Model F; Model H; Model K; Model L; Model N; Model R; Model T; Model 9-35; Model 9-40; Model 9-50; Model 38; Model 40; Model 50; Model 60; Series V; Six; Series AA; Highway Six; Highway Twelve; Newport Six; Highway Six; Highway Twelve; Sextet; Model 6-71 Coachbuilders: – People: L. Dow; Philip Goetz; Arthur Newby; G. Dickinson; Clarence Earl Most famous car: Model E six-cylinder 50/60 hp 1906

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