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Pierce-Arrow for Sale - Antique / Vintage / Pre-war Pierce-Arrow Cars for Sale

Pierce-Arrow 1901 - 1938: Pierce started with rather small European models under his own name. For some time they were sold as Great Arrows but from 1909 the cars were sold as Pierce-Arrows. Subsequent models were large and expensive and some served as presidential cars. Sales went down in the 1920s and in 1928 Studebaker took control of the company. However, Pierce-Arrow never really turned profitable again. In 1933 the company became independent again but production numbers became very small and in 1938 only a few last cars were delivered. Company: Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company - Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York, USA Models: Motorette; Great Arrow; Model 24; Model 36; Model 40; Model 48; Model 60; Model 66; Model 38; Model 33; Model 80; Model 81; Model 125; Model 126; Model A; Model B; Model C; Model 41; Model 42; Model 43; Model 51; Model 53; Model 54; Model 836; Model 1236; Model 1242; Model 1247; Model 840; Model 1240; Model 1248; Model 1250; Model 845; Model 1245; Model 1255; Deluxe 8; Salon Twelve; 8; 12 Coachbuilders: Dietrich; LeBaron; Willoughby; Weymann; Judkins People: George Pierce; Herbert Dawley; David Fergusson Most famous car: Silver Arrow 1933

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Pierce-Arrow model 36 roadster 1909 for sale Pierce-Arrow model 36 roadster 1909   US   USD 275000 Dick Shappy Classic Cars

Pierce-Arrow model 36 roadster 1909 for sale

6 cylinder, 36 horsepower, 119 inch wheel base.When the former George N. Pierce Company built this 36 ALAM hp 387 cubic inch T-head 6 Pierce Arrow Model UU in 1909 it had few competitors for the title

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