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Latest Pre War Parts for sale

1911 Bosch magneto (parts) magneto (parts) Bosch A variety of cars ZR-6 1910-1930 US On Request Private

A variety of cars 2 spark magneto (parts) for sale

Robert Bosch ZR-6 2 spark magneto, fires 2 spark plugs per cylinder, CW right hand rotation, weak spark but that would be easily fixed when you overhaul for use, has impulse drive which can be removed...
A variety of cars tools  tools Shelley A variety of cars   1930-1950 NL Wanted Private

A variety of cars tools wanted

Wanted: Shelly jack 6 inch high-closed double lift.
Please look in your garage or..........
Sunbeam engine-s (and parts) 14/40 engine-s (and parts) Sunbeam Sunbeam 14/40 1920-1930 NZ EUR 850 Dealer

Sunbeam engine-s (and parts) for sale

Complete head with rockers of a type 14/40 Sunbeam car in good condition....
Alfa Romeo radiators (& parts) Typo 6C Radiator badge radiators (& parts) Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Typo 6C 1930-1950 DE EUR 200 Private

Alfa Romeo Radiator badge radiators (& parts) for sale

ALFA ROMEO radiator badges 2 pieces and 1 DELAHAYE 135 badge postwar (picture on request)
1 badge enamel emaille 280 euros
1 badge painted version 60 euros
1 badge DELAHAYE enamel emaille 220...
a variety of British cars gauges Edwardian Rotax Oil Gauge gauges Rotax a variety of British cars Edwardian Rotax Oil Gauge 1910-1930 GB GBP 120 Private

a variety of British cars gauges for sale

I have a very rare Edwardian Rotax oil pressure gauge for sale. It is made from solid brass with a silver face. It is ivery good condition for its age and works perfectly. There are 2 dents in the rim...

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