Pre-War Automobilia, Books and Parts for Sale

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Studebaker   1930 for sale Studebaker Studebaker Bumper overriders 1930-1950   NZ   EUR 135 Hans Compter

Studebaker 1930 for sale

One pair of bumper overriders for late 1930's Studebakers. Good condition but in need of rechroming. Price is for the pair.
Talbot (Suresnes) M67 / M75  1921 for sale Talbot (Suresnes) Talbot   1920-1930   NL   EUR 195 Private

Talbot (Suresnes) M67 / M75 1921 for sale

perfectly restored and renickeled heavy quality bumper parts for french Talbot M67 or M75
Talbot (Suresnes)   1920 for sale Talbot (Suresnes) . Unidentified bumper fittings 1920-1930   NL   EUR 195 Private

Talbot (Suresnes) 1920 for sale

Perfectly restored and newly nickeled bumper fittings as used on Talbot M67Four pieces to suit one bumperI will be listing many other Talbot parts over the next few days
Hillman Minx  1940 for sale Hillman Hillman   1940-1950   NZ   EUR 195 Hans Compter

Hillman Minx 1940 for sale

Front bumper for the Hillman Minx. Has not been used after rechroming. Still looks great. Will also fit on other English cars.
Chrysler   1930 for sale Chrysler Chrysler Bumper overrider 1930-1950   NZ   EUR 95 Hans Compter

Chrysler 1930 for sale

Nicely shaped chromed bumper-overrider believed to be off a 1930's Chrysler-product. Exact model still to be identified. Will polish up or for rechrome.
Dodge   1920 for sale Dodge Dodge Rear-bumper + spare wheel mount 1920-1930   NZ   TOO LATE Hans Compter

Dodge 1920 for sale

Rear-bumper and spare-wheel-mount for a mid to late 1920's Dodge Brothers 4 cylinder car. In good condition. Price is for the two parts. Can sell one part only and quote. Update: Spare wheel m
Bugatti T57  1935 for sale Bugatti Dijkhof Autorestauraties Bumper 1935-1945   NL   On Request Martin Dijkhof Restorations

Bugatti T57 1935 for sale

Remanufactured set of bumpers for T57 Bugatti, 1,5 mm steel, with or without chrome and slots for claxons.
a variety of French cars   1925 for sale a variety of French cars CROMOS   1925-1940   FR   TOO LATE Private

a variety of French cars 1925 for sale

Genuine rubber part of a big Cromos bumper.Hight 14cm and lenght 14,5cm.In the back side, a big piece of rubber is missing.Third picture on request.Shipping worldwide at cost.
Vauxhall   1940 for sales Vauxhall Vauxhall bumper-overrider 1940-1950   NZ   EUR 95 Hans Compter

Vauxhall 1940 for sales

Bumper-overrider for 1938-1948 Vauxhall 10 + 12hps. Good condition.
Chevrolet 4 cylinder  1921 for sale Chevrolet Chevrolet   1920-1930   NZ   EUR 175 Hans Compter

Chevrolet 4 cylinder 1921 for sale

Chevrolet bumper for a 4 cylinder car model, in good condition.

NEW vehicles and parts are marked GREEN,
SOLD and UNLISTED vehicles and parts are marked TOO LATE!

Latest Post War Parts for sale

Wolseley Wolseley 6/80 1950-1960 NZ EUR 300 Dealer

Wolseley dashboard & interior for Wolseley

Dashboard panel with all Smiths gauges, instruments and clock for the early Fifties Wolseley 6/80 cars. Good condition. Only all plastic knobs missing. ...
Chevrolet Chevrolet Blue Flame 1950-1960 NZ EUR 1500 Dealer

Chevrolet engine-s (and parts) for Chevrolet

Bare engine for a 1953 Chevrolet, so-called Blue Flame. Looks in good condition, suitable for overhaul or for spares. N° R 40212 stamped on LHS....
Aston Martin Aston Martin DB9 Bonnet 1950-1960 GB GBP 785 Private

Aston Martin bonnet (bootlid) for Aston Martin

Aston Martin DB9 Bonnet new old stock in primer, has been in storage, £785 O.N.O Also used rear bumper in black, has slight marks, £185. Collect only. for more details call Tony 07951 819786. Warwi...
Arnott A variety of cars   1950-1960 GB GBP 500 Private

Arnott blower / compressor for A variety of cars

Arnot Supercharger & Arnot Carburettor
Poor external condition but internally serviceable,
Suitable for MG or something similar
Offers around £500.00...

Halda gauges for A variety of cars

. Unidentified a variety of Motorcycles Lot ignition pointset 1950-1960 BE EUR 2060 Private

. Unidentified ignition parts for a variety of Motorcycles

Lot ignition parts , only for motorcycles 516 pieces €2060...
Lancia Lancia Aurélia B20 1950-1960 FR EUR 500 Private

Lancia bumpers for Lancia

Front and rear bumpers for Lancia Aurélia, original condition, more details and pictures on request...
Marchal Ferrari   1950-1960 GB GBP 550 Private

Marchal headlights for Ferrari

A pair of Marchal 653 foglamps in extremely good condition. They would pass for new but one has a very, very light bit of corrosion on the rear of the shell (which is not seen when fitted). They are ...

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