Franklin Pre-War Automobilia, Books and Parts for Sale

Franklin 1902 - 1934: Franklin is above all known for the fact that all its models had air-cooled engines. The make was a pioneer in many other ways: first four-cylinder production car, first six-cylinder engine, aluminium pistons and bodies etc. Ending with some fine luxurious models in the 1930s, a last attempt with a "small Franklin", the Olympic with Reo parts, could not save the company. Company: Franklin Automobile Company - South Geddes/Marcellus Street, Syracuse, USA Models: A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; K; M; 9A; 9B; 10A; 10B; 10C; 11A; 11B; 12A; 12B; 13; 14; 15; 16A; 16B; 17A; 17B; 18A; 18B; 18C; 19A; 19B Coachbuilders: LeBaron; Dietrich; Walker People: Herbert Franklin; John Wilkinson; Frank De Causse Most famous car: Model A which travelled from coast to coast (USA) in 33 days in 1904.

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Franklin   1901 wanted Franklin Franklin   1900-1930   LV   Wanted Private

Franklin 1901 wanted

Franklin gearbox wanted. Ca 1910. Any condition.

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