Pre-War Automobilia, Books and Parts for sale

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Star   1901 for sale Star Star   1900-1930   NL   On Request Michel Laarman

Star 1901 for sale

A Star Engine. Ca 3000 CC, incl. a lot of parts.

NEW vehicles and parts are marked GREEN,
SOLD and UNLISTED vehicles and parts are marked TOO LATE!

Latest Post War Parts for sale

Stromberg a variety of British cars ET 691 and ET 535 1950-1960 NZ EUR 180 Dealer

Stromberg carburettor (or parts) for a variety of British cars

New-old-stock Stromberg CD-sidedraught-carburettor. Made in England by the Zenith Carburettor C° Ltd. Numbers on throat-flange: ET 691 and ET 535. Diameter throat 36mm....
Abmal Volkswagen 1959-1960 model. Also Alfa Romeo/Saab/Audi 1950-1960 NL EUR 8 Private

Abmal ignition parts for Volkswagen

For Sale
NOS Ignition pointset make Abmal Australia.
Abmal no. B508. Replaces Bosch ZVKT7 Sort 1.
- Alfa Romeo 2600 Berlina 1962-1967
- Audi L 1967-1968
- Audi Super 90 from ...
Doduco Fiat 500-A-B-C 1950-1960 NL EUR 10 Private

Doduco ignition parts for Fiat

For Sale.
NOS Ignition pointset Doduco 131.
To fit Fiat 500-A-B-C. German export model 1953-\'54. With Bosch ignition system.
Price €10.- worldwide shipping. Others available. Paypal accept...
Doduco a variety of Motorcycles See text 1950-1960 NL EUR 25 Private

Doduco ignition parts for a variety of Motorcycles

For Sale
NOS Twin Ignition Pointset Doduco 661 to fit
-Adler mc M200 Noris ign.
-Bastert B/M 2-125
-Condor 350 ccm 2-cyl.
-Express Radex 252 (ILO 2-125)
-Gutbrod van 604/Atlas 800 &...
AKA A variety of cars Car & Truck 1950-1960 NL EUR 5 Private

AKA fuse / fuse box for A variety of cars

For sale
4-position fuse boxes.
For porcelain fuses (not included).
Made in DDR by AKA. €5.- each. Two for €8.-.
Four for €15.-. Eight for €25.-. Shipping extra.
Paypal payment ...
Bremi Citroën 15CV PVL6 1950-1960 NL EUR 25 Private

Bremi ignition parts for Citroën

For Sale.
NOS Distributor Cap Bremi 8630.
For Citroën 6-cyl. 15CV PVL6. 1949-\'57.
Fits SEV distributors N6FG, N6KX.
Price €25.- s/h extra. Paypal available.

BMW BMW Coupé 1950-1960 NL EUR 75 Private

BMW books for BMW

BMW Profiles 5: BMW Coupés A Tradition of Elegance – By Walter Zeichner

BMW article No. 01 09 0 004 125

Brand new book still in shrink film.
Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz 220 Ponton 1950-1960 DE EUR 1399 Private

Mercedes-Benz coachwork (or parts) for Mercedes-Benz

A rare opportunity: new old stock left front fender for the Ponton 220a or S - original Mercedes Benz part. Stocked for decades in a private cellar.
Glaspowder blasted and protected.


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