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Mathis EMY 6 badges for sale for Mathis badges Mathis Mathis   1930-1950   FR   EUR 80 Private

Mathis EMY 6 badges for sale for Mathis

80's replica Badge for Mathis EMY 6.Perfect condition.High 6,2cm Lengh 4,9cm.

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Latest Post War Parts for sale

1955 . Unidentified manufacturer coachwork (or parts) coachwork (or parts) . Unidentified A Unidentified Manufacturer   1950-1960 DE EUR 199 Dealer

A Unidentified Manufacturer coachwork (or parts) for sale

rather large toy car body , perhaps from a roundabout, last use as motorcycle sidecar body?...
MG gearbox (& clutch) MGB gearbox gearbox (& clutch) MG MG MGB gearbox 1950-1960 NL EUR 75 Dealer

MG gearbox (& clutch) for sale

cleaning out the warehouse

MG MGB gearbox 4 gears and reverse no overdrive
all gears engage and turn well but i have never seen the part under a car nor do I know where it comes from

1970 Dodge engine & gearbox engine & gearbox Dodge Dodge 440 cui & 727 automatic transmission 1950-1960 US USD 900 Private

Dodge engine & gearbox for sale

for sale is a 1973 Dodge 440 & 727 automatic transmission out of a motor home with only 33,000 miles on it. I have had this engine running and it sounds great. I had planned to put it in a 1952 Dodge ...
NSU ignition parts Ro 80  Single Plug Distributor ignition parts NSU NSU Ro 80 1950-1960 NZ GBP 185 Private

NSU Single Plug Distributor ignition parts for sale

Ro 80 Distributor still in original packing.
NSU part #612 17 075 01
Bosch part #0231 303 001
Complete with cap, points etc.

Suitable for single plug engine from #6120111349

Wolseley radiators (& parts) 6/80 Radiator radiators (& parts) Wolseley Wolseley 6/80 1950-1960 NZ EUR 220 Dealer

Wolseley Radiator radiators (& parts) for sale

Wolseley type 6/80 radiator in good serviceable condition. Can ship f.o.c. in regular containers to Rotterdam/NL....

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