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   1910 for sale Kissel side light 1910-1930   NZ   USD 395.00 Hans Compter

1910 for sale

Brass side light for circa 1914 Kissel in good condition, bevelled glass. All three glasses intact. Socket good but no bulb. Housing needs re-plating. No dents. Rare. This light was sold to us as bein
   1915 for sale Kissel 4 cylinder 1915-1925   NZ   EUR 975.00 Hans Compter

1915 for sale

Kissel 4 cylinder truck engine with open flywheel, complete with exhaust manifold and Delco starting and lighting-ignition system. Block measures 500 x 200mm. Appears to be in serviceable condition,

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Latest Post War Parts for sale

Dodge Dodge   1950-1960 NZ EUR 110 Dealer

Dodge badges for Dodge

Set of name-badges and body-mouldings for we believe early sixties Dodge. Exact year still unknown. Both in good condition. Price is for one set. ...
Zenith Porsche 40 TIN 1950-1960 DE EUR 3000 Private

Zenith carburettor (or parts) for Porsche

1 Satz Vergaser für 911 Porsche funktionsfähig...
Splitz DKW F91/F93/F94/Monza/AU1000/Junior 1950-1960 NL EUR 30 Private

Splitz ignition parts for DKW

For sale
NOS Ignition Pointset for DKW 3 cyl.
Made by Splitz, Germany. To fit models
-F91 1953-\'59
-F93/F94 1955-\'59
-F94/Universal (van) 1956-\'59
-Monza/AU1000/1000S/van/1000SP 1...
Austin Healey Austin Healey 4 seater AH 1950-1960 BE EUR 1800 Private

Austin Healey convertible top / drop head for Austin Healey

hard top for 4 seater AH, in need of a full restoration, more pictures on request, located near Antwerp, Belgium...
Daimler Daimler 2 ½ Litre Special Sports 1950-1960 NZ EUR 360 Dealer

Daimler grille for Daimler

Chromed radiator-grille for the 2 ½ Litre Special Sports, in good condition. Also slightly damaged grille for a Saloon (Euro 120)....
Daimler Daimler Special Sports, Consort etc 1950-1960 NZ EUR 125 Dealer

Daimler tail lights for Daimler

Tail lamp for the 1950\'s Daimlers. Special Sports, Consorts etc. Good condition....
Daimler Daimler Special Sports 1950-1960 NZ On Request Dealer

Daimler interior acc. for Daimler

Various chromed trim-parts for the Daimler \"Special Sports\" and Saloons. Doorhandles (exterior & interior), window-winders, door-catches, escutcheons, etc. Price: Please apply...
Daimler Daimler 2 ½ Litre 1950-1960 NZ EUR 125 Dealer

Daimler engine-s (and parts) for Daimler

Engine-parts for the 2 ½ Litre Daimler engine. Intake manifold and waterpump. Also pre-selector shifter bracket. Price is for one....

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