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   1910 for sale Kissel side light 1910-1930   NZ   USD 395.00 Hans Compter

1910 for sale

Brass side light for circa 1914 Kissel in good condition, bevelled glass. All three glasses intact. Socket good but no bulb. Housing needs re-plating. No dents. Rare. This light was sold to us as bein
   1915 for sale Kissel 4 cylinder 1915-1925   NZ   EUR 975.00 Hans Compter

1915 for sale

Kissel 4 cylinder truck engine with open flywheel, complete with exhaust manifold and Delco starting and lighting-ignition system. Block measures 500 x 200mm. Appears to be in serviceable condition,

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Latest Post War Parts for sale

Cadillac Buick The Art and Colour of General Motors 1950-1960 NL EUR 60 Private

Cadillac books for Buick

The Art and Colour of General Motors / Cadillac Chevrolet Buick Pontiac Corvette

General Motors has been a world leader in automotive design for 100 years. No other large-scale manufacturer has...
Facel Vega Facel Vega   1950-1960 NL EUR 350 Private

Facel Vega radiators (& parts) for Facel Vega

1 Radiatorbloc afm 100-50 cm approx
needs repair sizes on request
Type HK500 etc...
Ford Ford ban the bomb 1950-1960 BE EUR 260 Private

Ford tail lights for Ford

Pair of original taillights Cortina Mk1 in used but very good condition, left and right. Left stop lens has a scratch of 4cm on it. Both or complete and also used on Manx tail TVR\'s Griffith 400, Tus...
F.A.P. a variety of trucks R (Rondo) 1950-1960 NZ EUR 220 Dealer

F.A.P. wipers & motors & parts for a variety of trucks

New-old-stock air pressure wiper motor made in Switzerland by Pneumatische Apparte Männedorf (F.A.P.). Still packed in original box. Sold in UK by S. Norrish Ltd / London. Type: R (Rondo). N° R2...
MV Agusta MV Agusta   1950-1960 ES EUR 900 Private

MV Agusta documentation (manuals) for MV Agusta

for sale original mv agusta 4 c75 manual very good condition
general tyre A variety of cars   1950-1960 NL EUR 200 Private

general tyre wheels / tyres ( & parts) for A variety of cars

5 tyres diagonaal 5.90- 14 tubeless
set of 5 tyres white wall small 2 cm
Original diagonaal is nicer than radiaal and is not much noise b.v. MG B...
Scintilla A variety of cars   1950-1960 NL EUR 125 Dealer

Scintilla switch for A variety of cars

Scintilla thermal delay switch. 47 mm diameter, 20mm heigth...
Jowett Jowett Javelin 1950-1960 NZ EUR 75 Dealer

Jowett documentation (parts book) for Jowett

Spare parts book for the 1951 Jowett Javelin de-luxe and Standard PC-Model. 40 pages with many technical drawings. Price includes worldwide postage. ...

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