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   1910 for sale Kissel side light 1910-1930   NZ   USD 395.00 Hans Compter

1910 for sale

Brass side light for circa 1914 Kissel in good condition, bevelled glass. All three glasses intact. Socket good but no bulb. Housing needs re-plating. No dents. Rare. This light was sold to us as bein
   1915 for sale Kissel 4 cylinder 1915-1925   NZ   EUR 975.00 Hans Compter

1915 for sale

Kissel 4 cylinder truck engine with open flywheel, complete with exhaust manifold and Delco starting and lighting-ignition system. Block measures 500 x 200mm. Appears to be in serviceable condition,

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Latest Post War Parts for sale

Doduco Rex Also NSU/Fuchs/Framoped 1950-1960 NL EUR 10 Private

Doduco ignition parts for Rex

For Sale.
NOS Ignition pointset Doduco 111B to fit
-NSU Quickly 1953-\'54 49 cc. Bosch ignition
-Rex 1954 with DKW- & Bosch ignition
-Fuchs 1954 Framoped engine
-Framoped 1954 HVA- & Fu...
Cazaux Fréres Dax France A variety of cars Carrosserie plate 1950-1960 BE EUR 55 Private

Cazaux Fréres Dax France coachwork (or parts) for A variety of cars

Plate \" Carrosserie Cazaux Fréres \" Tél 818....
Schier Fiat 1100 Europa/Familiare/100D/1200 1950-1960 NL EUR 10 Private

Schier ignition parts for Fiat

For Sale

NOS Ignition pointset Schier 3716 to fit Fiat
-1100 Europa/Familiare 1963-1967
-1200 Marelli system

Price €10.- shipping extra. Paypal accepted
VDO A variety of cars Car or truck 1950-1960 NL EUR 15 Private

VDO switch for A variety of cars

For Sale
Electric Oilpressure Sender.
NOS make VDO. 0-5 Kp/cm2.
Price €15.- s/h extra. Available 3.
Paypal accepted.
C. Conradty a variety of German cars See text 1950-1960 NL EUR 8 Private

C. Conradty generator for a variety of German cars

For Sale.
Set dynamo brushes BX 151, sizes 5x10x18.5, to fit:
-BMW 1965-66
-DKW/Audi 1965
-Ford 1964-66
-Holden 1960-64
-Mercedes 1965-67
-NSU 1964-65
-Opel 1964-65
Bosch Heinkel 3 & 4-wheel & Tourist 1950-1960 NL EUR 10 Private

Bosch ignition parts for Heinkel

For Sale.
NOS Bosch Ignition Pointset.
ZVKT3 Sort1 or 1 237 013 019. To fit
-Heinkel 3 & 4-wheel 1956-\'57
-Tourist 4-spd. 1960-\'61
Price €10.- s/h extra. Paypal available.
FoMoCo Ford Anglia, Escort, Cortina, Capri 1950-1960 NL EUR 90 Private

FoMoCo ignition parts for Ford

For sale.
NOS FOMOCO Distributor for 1960\'s Ford GB models Anglia, Escort, Cortina, Capri.
Rotates anti-clockwise.
FOMOCO part no\'s 12100 and C7BH. Complete.
Price €90.- plus shipping...
Heid Wartburg 900cc engine & Trabant 1950-1960 NL EUR 8 Private

Heid dynamo & dynastart for Wartburg

For Sale.
Dynamo brushset for 6 Volt Trabant 1962-66 and 900 cc Wartburg.
Made by Heid Germany. Set nr. IFAX 3-4.
Brush sizes 19.8x6 & 3x22 mm.
Price €8.- plus shipping. Paypal accepted....

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