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Kissel  brass lights for sale for brass lights Kissel side light 1910-1930   NZ   USD 395.00 Hans Compter

Kissel brass lights for sale for

Brass side light for circa 1914 Kissel in good condition, bevelled glass. All three glasses intact. Socket good but no bulb. Housing needs re-plating. No dents. Rare. This light was sold to us as bein
Kissel  engine-s (and parts) for sale for engine-s (and parts) Kissel 4 cylinder 1915-1925   NZ   EUR 975.00 Hans Compter

Kissel engine-s (and parts) for sale for

Kissel 4 cylinder truck engine with open flywheel, complete with exhaust manifold and Delco starting and lighting-ignition system. Block measures 500 x 200mm. Appears to be in serviceable condition,

NEW vehicles and parts are marked GREEN,
SOLD and UNLISTED vehicles and parts are marked TOO LATE!

Latest Post War Parts for sale

badges Pontiac Pontiac Laurentian 1950-1960 NZ EUR 125 Dealer

Pontiac Badges badges for sale

Full set of badges and script for the rare Pontiac Laurentian as mostly found in Canada. Good condition. Red paint needs touching up. Rare set for collector of car badges. ...
documentation (brochures) Citroën Citroën Citroen UK Bijou 1950-1960 FR GBP 85 Private

Citroën documentation (brochures) for sale

A very rare example of a Citroen Bijou sales brochure. Citroen UK only built about 300 Bijous so the a good condition sales brochure is very very unusual....
ignition parts Ducellier Paris Peugeot 604 1950-1960 NL EUR 35 Private

Peugeot Distributor cap ignition parts for sale

For Sale.
NOS distributor cap for Peugeot 604.
Make Ducellier France. Ducellier no. 660434.
Also fits Renault 30 6-cyl. and Volvo 264.
Price €35.-. S/h extra. Paypal payment available.
ignition parts Lucas Peugeot 604 SL/Ti 1950-1960 NL EUR 25 Private

Peugeot Ignition contact pointset ignition parts for sale

For Sale.
NOS twin ignition contact pointset Lucas CS203.
For Ducelier ignition. Fits:
- Renault R30 TS/TX v.a. 1976
- Volvo 264 GL v.a. 1975
- Peugeot 604 SL/Ti v.a. 1975
Per set ...
frame + parts Triumph Triumph TR3 Small Mouth 1950-1960 US USD 3200 Private

Triumph Small Mouth Front Apron frame + parts for sale

Original TR3 Small Mouth Apron with Tie Member stored 30 years. Excellent Condition, any minor dings repaired by profession body man. Moss Motors, LTD USA offers reproduction apron without tie member ...
engine-s (and parts) Rofan Hudson   1950-1960 NL EUR 10 Private

Hudson V-belt engine-s (and parts) for sale

For sale.
V-belt Rofan 6000.
For cars Hudson and Volvo
Trucks Dodge, Merc.-Benz, Volvo, White
Tractors Clark, Continental
For details see photo label. Several available.
€10.- each...
ignition parts Abmal Alfa Romeo 2600 Berlina 1950-1960 NL EUR 10 Private

Alfa Romeo Ignition pointset ignition parts for sale

For Sale
NOS Ignition pointset make Abmal Australia. Replaces Bosch ZVKT7 Sort 1. Fits
- Alfa Romeo 2600 Berlina 1962-1967
- Audi L 1967-1968
- Audi Super 90 from 1966
- Saab Monte Carl...
generator Ducellier Paris Renault   1950-1960 NL EUR 185 Private

Renault Generator generator for sale

For Sale
NOS generator marked \'DUCEL 7272A 12 Volt\'
Renault fact. no. 8548989.
Price €185.- s/h extra. Paypal available.


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