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1925 Citroën B 10 SOLD to Germany (Sep 02, 2014)
Very few responses. After three years the fifth respondent became the buyer.  Heel weinig reacties gehad. na drie jaar werd de vijfde geïnteresseerde ook koper.

Hans ter Veen
dashboard SOLD to Australia (Sep 02, 2014)
Go to Australia to be on an Austin 7 Gordon England Brookland. Have a nice trip from France.!

Mercedes-Benz steering wheel 230/290/320 SOLD (Sep 02, 2014)
2 Interessenten. Verkauft nach England. Vielen Dank!

Heiko Günther
acetylene lamps Rushmore SOLD (Sep 01, 2014)

SOLD to Australia

Greg Smith
1935 Riley 12/4 Falcon Saloon SOLD to UK (Aug 31, 2014)
Several quality enquiries received.

Geoffrey Critchley
a variety of British cars dashboard SOLD to Australia (Aug 30, 2014)
Lots of interest.

1953 Jaguar XK Roadster SOLD (Aug 29, 2014)
sold to England

Tony Cuthbert
twin Klaxon horns SOLD to UK (Aug 29, 2014)
the horns went to England

PA Legrand
exhaust, cut-out, SOLD to France (Aug 29, 2014)
The device went to France

PA Legrand
1937 Daimler E20 SOLD (Aug 29, 2014)
sold to a collector in germany

Kranz Oldtimer Service 
1937 Daimler E20 SOLD (Aug 29, 2014)
To a colletor in Germany

Kranz Oldtimer Service 
Model A radiator SOLD after site-crash (Aug 26, 2014)
Only was put back on the site yesterday after the Site crashed the other day.
Sold in less than 18 hours Thanks Pre war Team

john cochran
Bleriot Phi SOLD (Aug 26, 2014)
Sold to Australia

Don Quichot Lancia Service
1903 Steam Engine Traction Iron SOLD to Austria (Aug 25, 2014)
Very good contacts from many countries and finally the steam engine go to Austria. Thank you!

Antonio Amo Soler
1961 Mercedes-Benz LKW L/311 SOLD to germany (Aug 24, 2014)
This MB is now for business presentations.

Kranz Oldtimer Service 
1927 Hispano-Suiza (F) T49 Sport SOLD (Aug 22, 2014)
Sold to the UK

Coupe - Francisco Pueche"
1936 Austin Ruby BACK to England (Aug 19, 2014)
Sold to Truro UK CORNWALL. Back to the UK after some 50 years.
Have fun with the litle Austin, James!

Kranz Oldtimer Service 
1928 Ford Model A Right hand drive tourer SOLD (Aug 19, 2014)
1928 Ford Model A Right hand drive sold to UK.

Frazer Sloan

Thornycroft Engine 50hp SOLD (Aug 18, 2014)
Sold to the UK.

don onley
1903 Humber 5 hp Humberette WITH ENTRY FOR 2014 BRIGHTON RUN SOLD (Aug 17, 2014)
Now Sold to Germany

Gavin McGuire Fine Automobiles"

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