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Steering Wheel SOLD (Jan 30, 2015)
Sold within 2 days

Steve Lines
a variety of French cars clock / rev counter / speedo SOLD to uk (Jan 30, 2015)
sold on the first day. many thanks

robin hanauer
1930 Talbot Lago book SOLD to Nederland (Jan 30, 2015)
A great website to sell books. Wish I had known this before. For sure will use again more.

Een prima website om boeken via te verkopen. Was ik hier maar eerder achter gekomen. Za ik zeker vaker gebruiken. 

Martijn Visser
fuel tank SOLD after numerous Beauliieus... (Jan 30, 2015)
The petrol tank that has been to Beaulieu numerous times has now sold! Thanks again

Matthew Blake
Renault engine FOUND in NewZealand (Jan 30, 2015)
It is coming from New Zealand.

Bernie Jacobson
Bentley mirror SOLD to Australia (Jan 29, 2015)
Going on a quality vintage car.

David Haywood
1942 Buick Roadmaster Fastback SOLD to INDIA (Jan 29, 2015)
another success with your site. Thank you!

mark hagans
1929 Riley Brooklands SOLD to Scotland (Jan 29, 2015)
Thank you once again.

Tom Hardman Limited 
Alvis wheels cover SOLD to Sudan ! (Jan 28, 2015)

Patrik Bergamin
1954 MG TF SOLD (Jan 28, 2015)
sold to UK

Terry Bone
tail lights Tail/Stop light SOLD to Australia. Qld. (Jan 27, 2015)

Harry Pyle
1913 Metz 22 Speedster SOLD (Jan 27, 2015)
sold to Australia

Nigel Smith
cars books SOLD to United Kingdom (Jan 26, 2015)
Thanks again team pwc! I have had excellent results reducing my library as I get older!!

Bill Coates
1930 Packard 733 dual cowl sports phaeton SOLD (Jan 26, 2015)
sold to Belgium

Galleria Style e Auto 
1958 Jaguar XK 150 3.4 DHC Drop Head Coupe SOLD (Jan 26, 2015)

Altena Classic Car Service"
Rolls Royce Silver Ghost oil pressure gauge SOLD to America (Jan 24, 2015)
Easy sale.

D Coleman
Alfa Romeo ignition BP6N SOLD to France (Jan 24, 2015)
great system, wide visibility and customers,

christian schann
carburettor SOLD to uk (Jan 24, 2015)
plenty of interest many thanks

robin hanauer
tail light SOLD to Austria (Jan 24, 2015)

Pal Matastik
Bugatti books SOLD to nederland (Jan 24, 2015)
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