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SOLD to GERMANY (Mar 28, 2015)

1921 badge SOLD to Geneva (Mar 27, 2015)
a fast and easy transaction

Christina Dukes
1915 Buick D34 SOLD (Mar 27, 2015)
Sold to UK.

Hans Compter

1930 Horch coachwork SOLD (Mar 26, 2015)

Vadim Trutnev
1912 Starley Bicycle SOLD (Mar 25, 2015)
Sold to UK.

Tim Gunn

1913 REO ST5 Roadster SOLD (Mar 23, 2015)

Laferriere Classic Cars
1949 Delahaye SOLD to collector (Mar 21, 2015)
At least eight responses. From Holland, USA, France, Mexico  and Belgium. In general serious responses, including two dealers. The car was sold to a collector in the USA

Ik heb tenminste 8 reacties gehad, uit NL (2x), USA, F, MX, J en B. Over het algemeen waren het wel serieuze reacties in dit geval - er zaten 2 handelaren bij. De auto is verkocht aan een verzamelaar in de USA.
BMW engine-s (and parts) 320 Inlet Manifold SOLD to Belgie (Mar 22, 2015)
Solid response. Sold to Belgium. Ontvangen reactie was keurig. We hebben het artikel naar België verkocht.

B. van Voorst
Mercedes-Benz lot of parts SOLD(Mar 22, 2015)

sold to the UK
Walter Nieuwkoop
Bugatti parts Grand Prix SOLD to Denmark (Mar 22, 2015)
Sorry to all the people who have been enquiring about individual items, they were all sold as one lot this morning.

Peter Morley
1959 Austin Healey Sprite mk1 lenham gt Coupe SOLD (Mar 21, 2015)
sold to Holland

1976 MG MG B GT Coupe SOLD (Mar 21, 2015)

sold to Holland

1886 Transitional Velocipede SOLD to UK (Mar 21, 2015)
Sold to Yorkshire - UK.

Tim Gunn"
1936 Auburn 852 Supercharger SOLD (Mar 20, 2015)

Colección Cars Clasicos, SL

Veritas engine parts SOLD to Germany (Mar 20, 2015)

Peter Morley
a variety of British cars headlights SOLD (Mar 20, 2015)
Sold to the Netherlands. Another quick sale within 24hours! Obviously the ads go straight to those who are interested AND prepared to buy well done and thank you pwc! 

Bill Coates

1901 Smith SOLD (Mar 20, 2015)
Sold to Australia. Excellent service, I had various enquiries about the clock.

Bob Holmes
A variety of cars carburettor (or parts) SOLD (Mar 20, 2015)
Sold to Uk. Bonne transaction.

1925 Austin 12/4 SOLD (Mar 19, 2015)
Sold to South Africa.

Hans Compter

A carburettor SOLD to Allemagne (Mar 19, 2015)
Bonne transaction


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