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car horn SOLD (Apr 23, 2014)
 cars horn sold to Australia
Greg Smith 
1937 Triumph Gloria Special SOLD to uk (Apr 22, 2014)
sold in the UK, 1937 Triumph Gloria Special 
Robin Hanauer 
Amilcar wheels SOLD in 20 MINUTES (Apr 22, 2014)
Sold within 20 minutes of advert appearing !
Mike Tebbett
1921 Delage pinion gears SOLD (Apr 22, 2014)
Sold to a nice man with a D6-70 Delage in Holland.

David Barker
1921 Solex carburettor (or parts) SOLD to F (Apr 17, 2014)
1 response from france and parts sold many thanks PW!
Christophe Burgundy

1933 MG MG L Type SOLD to New Zealand (Apr 17, 2014)
1933 MG MG L Type

George Leitl 
1948 MG Y TYPE SALOON SALOON SOLD (Apr 16, 2014)

1925 Riley engine SOLD (Apr 15, 2014)
poor number of results, maybe the price was an issue?
David Weeks
Horn Le Sans Rival SOLD to Switserland (Apr 15, 2014)
The horn goes to Switserland.
Wim van Rooijen
hubcapsHayes Wheel Company SOLD in Hours to USA (Apr 15, 2014)
Sold within 2 hours to USA
Wim van Rooijen
Amilcar gearbox SOLD (Apr 15, 2014)
 Amilcar gearbox sold to Australia
Bernard Faas 
books SOLD in a DAY (Apr 15, 2014)
HHave sold it with "The Motor" both books to the first enquiry from Luxembourg.
Many Thanks, Moray

1934 MG PA Sports SOLD (Apr 15, 2014)
Really good, enquiries from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Holland, USA and UK. Sold in the UK.
Peter Cox
1934 Opel 1.3 Liter SOLD (Apr 15, 2014)
sold to Germany : 1934 Opel 1.3 Liter
Bart Buts 
mascot SOLD (Apr 14, 2014)
Sold to a retuning customer from the Czeck Republic
Peter Johnston
1949 Morgan F-Type TreeWheeler SOLD (Apr 14, 2014)
Not too many responses. But one is all you need. Response from Germany, Romania, Netherlands and that's where it is sold. Niet veel reacties maar 1 is genoeg Reactie uit Duitsland Roemenië Frankrijk Nederland Verkocht naar Nederland

Alfred Bekkenkamp

1932 Ford US Sedan SOLD to France (Apr 14, 2014)
Sold to jean marie
Thanks Stephane

Jaeger Rev Counter 6,500rpm SOLD in a DAY (Apr 14, 2014)
Sold on the first day listed. Staying in the U.K. and being fitted to a 1925 Twin Cam Sunbeam. Very sorry to all who missed out on this rare item.
William Hearne
1915 Alldays and Onions 10 hp Light Four SOLD to UK (Apr 13, 2014)
Now sold: 1915 Alldays and Onions 10 hp Light Four
Gavin McGuire 
Delage windows SOLD(Apr 13, 2014)
This is my first advertisement, I had three very quick responses, all very positive and sold quickly.
Ian Waller

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