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1935 MG NA SOLD to UK (Jul 05, 2015)
Thank you very much - SOLD to a real enthusiast.

Tom Hardman Limited 
Mercedes-Benz tail lights 17/230/320 SOLD (Jul 04, 2015)
thank you gentlemen!

1930 Lea Francis S-type Hyper Le Mans SOLD to UK (Jul 04, 2015)
sold to UK

Nicholas Phillips
A variety of cars side-lamps SOLD (Jul 03, 2015)
The world is small . French side pre-war lamps sold from small Slovakia to far Australia

Miro Mraz
1922 Delage CO2 Dual-Cowl Tourer SOLD (Jul 03, 2015)

Robert Glover Ltd"
Bugatti book Type 57S SOLD to UK (Jul 02, 2015)
The book was sold in less than 12 hours.

H. Schou-Nielsen
engine V2 SOLD (Jul 02, 2015)

sold to Germany

Hans Compter
1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen SOLD in ONE day to USA (Jul 01, 2015)
SOLD--- Listed only one day

Robert M. Pass"
British tyres SOLD to France (Jul 01, 2015)
Nice quick sale!

Michael Hudson
Frazer Nash brake parts SOLD (Jun 30, 2015)
sold to the UK in less than 24 hours! so they are going back to the home of the Frazer Nash.
Many thanks indeed, Moray Letham

Moray Letham
ACF car badge SOLD to Australia (Jun 30, 2015)

Peter Johnston
Coronet horns cornet SOLD (Jun 30, 2015)
sold to Norway

winter h
MG fish tail SOLD (Jun 27, 2015)
sold to Australia

John Hunting
1934 Vauxhall ASY 12/6 saloon SOLD in 24 Hours with FREE Advert (Jun 28, 2015)
Amazing result....sold in 48 hours !

Neil Arnold
1917 Reading-Standard mc SOLD to Germany (Jun 26, 2015)

Ad details:
Advert id#: 181039
Title: 1917 Reading-Standard mc

Kaj Andersen
1926 Vauxhall 30-98hp OE-Type Clinton Saloon SOLD to France (Jun 25, 2015)

Robert Glover Ltd
MG speedo SOLD 'best site in the world' (Jun 25, 2015)
This has to be the best site in the world. Look at the history. 3 successful sales.

Thanks Allan Wettenhall
Wanderer engine 3PS V45° SOLD (Jun 24, 2015)
sold to Germany

Stefano Milani
Liberty engine SOLD (Jun 24, 2015)

Guy Black
Bugatti parts GP SOLD to LIECHTENSTEIN (Jun 24, 2015)
very professional buyer !!!

Charalampos Pantazopoulos

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