Wanted Pre-War Automobilia, Books and Parts

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Latest Post War Parts for sale

books Ferrari Ferrari 250 LM 1950-1960 NL EUR 395 Private

Ferrari books for sale

Ferrari\'s first street legel mid-engined GT car.Truly an exotic among exotic\'s written by Marcel Massini. Very rare book! First eand only edition 1983-196 pages. Hardcover-Size 19 x 25 cm. language:...
clock / rev counter / speedo Jaeger Panhard 24 CT 1950-1960 FR On Request Private

Panhard clock / rev counter / speedo for sale

je vends un enssemble de compteurs Jaeger pour une 24 CT ou DB et tout autre véhicule(sympa sur une Saab 96 ou gordini) chromes en état moyen mais tout est fonctionel compteur 120 e compte tours 1...
books Motorbuch verlag Ferrari Enzo Ferrari 1950-1960 NL EUR 27 Private

Ferrari books for sale

Biografie Enzo Ferrari in German-106 pages-Written by Gino Rancati....
books Ferrari Ferrari The sports an GTand Turismo Cars 1950-1960 NL EUR 76 Private

Ferrari books for sale

Tird revised and enlarged edition 1976- The history of the Ferrari Sports and Gran Turismo Cars 1948-1975. Written by Fitzgerland, Merrit & Thompsonin English-264 pages-size 22 x 28 cm. Condition:Dust...
engine-s (and parts) BTR Lancia Appia 1950-1960 NL EUR 10 Private

Lancia V-belt engine-s (and parts) for sale

V-belt BTR 813 fits- Austin A40/A50/A55/A60- Ford USA 6-cyl.- Lancia Appia- MG Magnette, MGA 1500- Morris/Nash/VW a.o.Read label for all applications Two available. €10.- each. S/h extraPaypal avail...
carburettor (or parts) Weber Lancia   1950-1960 CH GBP 135 Private

Lancia carburettor (or parts) for sale

For sale is a Weber carburettor with Volumex inlet manifold. These items have been used on various Fiat & Lancia models (Lancia HPE Volumex, Lancia Trevi Volumex, Fiat 131 Volumex etc.). The item is i...
books Bonanza Ferrari The complete Ferrari 1945 -1985 Godfrey Eaton 1950-1960 NL EUR 54 Private

Ferrari books for sale

More rhan 1000 photo\'s b/w and full/color mostly period.376 pages.description of alle models incl one offs\'and tables with specifications.Size:25 x 24 cm-Language:English...
books Crescent Ferrari Ferrari The legend on the road Brian Laban 1950-1960 NL EUR 32 Private

Ferrari books for sale

Large table book with more 170 beatifull highquality
color photo\'s from 166 MM Barchetta to 348 with desciptions of every type. 160 pages-Size 26x33 cm.
Printed 1991....

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